Best At Home Drug Test – Top Kits for 2021

Although most Americans can now access legal cannabis, most of them are still subjected to drug tests at work. In some states, drug tests are a prerequisite to get state assistance like unemployment benefits and food stamps. The best at home drug test kits are easy to find both in online stores and local drug stores. Moreover, they are affordable. However, if drug screening can result in loss of work and its associated benefits, is there a need for relying on a cheap test?

The progress of legalizing drugs such as marijuana has not made it to the workplace. A lot of people working in offices and industries continue to dread drug tests because they smoke weed.

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Fortunately, there are a variety of products that can help with your drug testing needs. For instance, you can get synthetic urine, pee additives, real pee from donors, and much more. It is encouraging that these inventions have come about to help us cheat drug tests.

However, if you do not want to risk sneaking synthetic pee into a drug-testing laboratory, you have another alternative – best at home drug test kits. The fact that there are many at home drug test kits available on the market makes it challenging to choose the right one. We have done the difficult task for you and reviewed the top test kits on the market.

best at home drug test kit and process

Why a Home Drug Test Kit?

A home drug test kit will allow you to test your urine, saliva, and hair for traces of drugs in the body system. That is necessary to help you determine whether you will pass your drug test at work.

The truth is that a home drug test will not be reliable as compared to a professional test done at a medical laboratory. However, it is precise enough to help you if you want to determine whether your drug usage is detectable or not.

In my opinion, the best at home drug test kit is PreScreen Plus Mini. The good thing about it is that it has a high level of accuracy and can easily detect over 25 types of substances. Check their authorized dealer to get it at a discounted rate.

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What to Look for in a Home Drug Test?

When selecting the best at home drug test, there are different things to consider. The main things to consider are drug panel, accuracy, and price.


In this case, you want to be sure whether your best at home drug test kit will give you the most accurate result. You will get either a positive or negative result. You do not want a kit that will give you false negatives and false positives. Think of it; a false positive will cause anxiety and even cost you more. On the other hand, a false negative is likely to cost you your job and money spent on buying the kit.

You need to ensure you get the most accurate testing kit available. With it, you can have faith in the results you get.

Drug Panel

Usually, a drug test will check for particular substances and will either give negative or positive results. That is what is known as a drug panel of a test. The best at home drug test kits are available in different forms. For instance, you can have a 5-panel drug test kit, 8-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel test kits.

Conventionally, the larger the drug panel, the comprehensive it is. That is because a drug panel will allow you to buy only one drug test that suits all your needs as it will test a wide range of substances. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot of money in this case.

It is essential to understand that drug panel number refers to the number of drugs included in the test. For example, two 8-panel tests might test two different sets of 8 drugs each. Thus, you should select a drug test that is rated for drugs you want to take.

Shelf Life

It is unfortunate that most people forget shelf life when choosing drug test kits. Since most of these products are bought online, they might take a few days to arrive. That will be an issue if you are in for an urgent drug test. The fact that you are spending your money on the best at home drug test, it makes sense for it to stay months or even a year before it expires. That ensures you have a ready kit anytime you want to do a home drug test.

What Are the Best at Home Drug Test Kits?

After several trials, testing, and research, we have assembled a list of the best home drug test kits for the money. We found these kits to be very accurate. Thus, getting the best at home drug test kit means you can be assured that your home testing results will match with workplace drug tests.

PreScreen Plus Mini

The Drug Test Company manufactures this drug test kit. You will be surprised to note that the same company offers drug testing services to businesses and industries.

prescreen mini drug test kitWe are living in a world where it is a standard practice that the same companies that offer testing services come up with products to defeat the same tests. For example, companies that manufacture urinalysis equipment are also the same companies that make synthetic urine to defeat urinalysis!

Although PreScreen Plus Mini has been around for a few years, it has been proven to be the best at home drug test kit. Other than being easy to use, it has 12-panel coverage, and it is available at an affordable price.

The package comes with at least 25 test strips and has an 18-month shelf life. With this, you can solve your future testing needs at any time you want. Since it is relatively a new product, it is not available in many stores. You will only find it in authorized sellers.

We full recommend PreScreen Plus Mini as the best at home drug test. You can also be assured that it will be shipped to your doorstep.

ITG Labs

ITG Labs has built its reputation for many years thanks to its massive investment in scientific research and development. Its’ scientists are respected members who have worked with the University of Washington, the National Cancer Institute, WHO, and other organizations.

itg labs home drug testUnlike most drug test kits; those trying to maintain accuracy over a broad spectrum of drugs; instead, ITG Labs manufactures a series of at home drug test kits that target only one substance at any time. The good thing about this is that the tests are extremely accurate. According to their website, they claim that law enforcement agencies and the military use their kits.

The issue we have with ITG labs is that it will cost you more to do different tests. If you are not sure of which drugs you are being tested, you will need several of these kits. This does not help, taking into account the substances you have already been using are quite expensive.

However, if you are only targeting to test for a single substance, this is the most recommended option. Again, do not forget to get it from an Authorized Dealer.

Care Check

Care Check is well-known for various home tests for different conditions, including pregnancy, ketosis, and UTI. Also, it provides drug tests, including 12 and 14-panel drug tests. You can also get a cannabis-only drug strip test.

Since a larger drug panel is better as compared to a smaller one, you will be better off buying a 14-panel test. Unless you are sure there is no way to test for anything else, you should get the marijuana-only test strip.

Usually, Care Check tests can be obtained easily. They are available in different pack sizes so that your testing requirements can be fulfilled. Moreover, they have high accuracy and wrapped for sterility. It will only take you five minutes to get results. The drug testing lines are clearly defined. That makes it easy to know whether it is a positive result or a negative result. There is minimal potential for confusion.


easy@home drug test kitThis is probably the easiest home drug test kits you can find on the market. For instance, it is available on Amazon, Walmart, and many popular retailers. Their best at home drug test is a 12-panel solution that you can use to test for major drugs you are likely to get on the street.

As the name implies, Easy@Home is easy to use and claims to have 99% accuracy, and it is FDA-approved. It also meets SAMHSA standards required in drug testing. With an impressive 2-year shelf life, you can meet your testing needs for many months to come.

Identify Diagnostics

identify diagnostics home drug test kitIdentify Diagnostics have everything from 16-panel, 10-panel, and 5-panel tests plus individual drug testing solutions. Like other manufacturers in this niche, they claim their accuracy is at least 99%.

However, they have added advantage when it comes to sensitivity for opiates. With the detection threshold starting at 300ng/mL, they can detect opiates even at the lowest concentration as compared to other brands. They have a shelf-life of 18 months. That is fairly long, and you can keep it in storage as you wait for an upcoming drug test.

Our Recommended Option

After trying all the above products, reading other reviews, and doing research, we all agreed that PreScreen Plus Mini is simply the best. That is because it is accurate; it is affordable and has an outstanding shelf life. The main issue with it is sourcing. Fortunately, you can get it from this Authorized Dealer.



Are Best at Home Drug Test Kits Accurate?

You can get accurate results with best at home drug test kits if you use them properly. Since a large percentage of the drug is already metabolized, the test tries to detect the presence of non-psychoactive drug metabolites.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in the Body?

According to FDA, average times that drugs continue to show up in urine drug tests vary according to the drug. For marijuana or THC, it is 1 to 7 days.

How Long Does a Drug Take to Get out of the Body?

There is no sure way of predicting how long drugs can get out of the body. This question is asked by people who want to understand the drug’s effects and whether they can pass a drug test. The answer is rarely clear and is likely to vary from one person to another.

Final Words

Every stoner requires the best at home drug test kit. You have to research and choose the most appropriate. We have provided you with a starting point. Remember that you cannot afford to make any mistake as far as workplace drug testing is concerned.

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