using someone's urine to pass drug test

Can You Use Someone’s Urine to Pass a Drug Test?

Will the Lab Know If I Use Someone’s Urine for Drug Test?

So the long-awaited dream is about to be fulfilled, and you have only one huddle (passing a drug test) to land yourself the dream job. Well, you need to understand that “a pot breaks at the doorstep” and this is why you need to treat this job seeking stage earnestly.

If you have been taking drugs such as marijuana that you know are likely to prevent you from securing your dream job, you do not have to give in because there is always a way out. There are millions of people who passed their drug tests, and they are now happily working. It does not mean that they were Angels. They were smart enough to approach the whole situation with wisdom, and that is why they are where they are.

Why Companies Test for Drugs?

When you know that the only thing that stands between you and your dream job is a drug test, that is when you start questioning the wisdom of testing for drugs. Well, there are several valid reasons why companies test for drugs. They include;

  1. Drugs affect the morale of employees. What this simply means is that people who use drugs are not likely to be as productive as expected.
  2. Also, drugs can damage the reputation of a company. In the corporate world, what people think about a company matters a lot, and this is why employers would always want to protect the reputation of their companies.
  3. Stealing the company’s property is an offense that no employer will tolerate. It is believed that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to engage in stealing the company’s property than those who don’t use drugs.

With all those undesirable traits associated with drugs, you will agree that not a single employer who would want to hire you. And since you madly want that job, then you have to maneuver your way to getting what you want. In most cases, the urine test is prevalent.

These are some of the jobs that require employee drug testing.

Is it wise to Use Someone’s Urine?

NO. It is NOT.

One of the first thought that will come to your mind is to use your friend’s urine to pass your test? But do you think that is a wise decision? What makes you trust your friend’s urine? Some friends might pretend to be your friends, but in real sense, they are not. They will talk to you happily, but at the back of their mind, they are praying that you suffer in poverty so that you stop showing off yourself.

Using your friend’s urine to pass a urine test is not a good idea, and that is why you need to shun it. There are many negative repercussions associated with it. The worst of it is that it can lead to you losing your golden opportunity.

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Passing a Drug Test

Being a party goer does not mean that you can never pass a drug test.  We live in a technological era where everything is possible. There is synthetic urine which is 99% sure; you can also resolve to use the different body detox products that are in the market. It is all about you making a decision that will impact your career positively. The following tips will guide you in passing your drug test.

Knowing the Types of Testing

While many employers make it clear about the drug testing that you will be subjected to, some do not make it open. If you have been told the type of drug testing that you will undergo, then that makes it even easier because you can always find a reliable way to pass it.

It is, however, good to understand that employers seem to have realized the use of synthetic urine and since they cannot prove it, they have resolved to opt for other types of testing.

Some of the types of testing that you need to know include the hair, nail cuticle, and mouth swab. You realize that it can be tough for you to tell a lie if those are the testing that you will be made to undergo. If that is the case, then means that you have no option but to cleanse your body system.

Detoxifying your body to pass a drug test depends on the drug that you have been consuming. For instance, if you have been taking marijuana, you will need a cleansing kit that is designed to cleanse marijuana. The fact that there are many different detox programs out there can always make it challenging for you to choose the right program. With research and consultations, however, you can always be sure to find a detox product that takes a short period.

Use Synthetic Urine

Instead of using your friend’s urine, it is wise to use synthetic urine with heating pad.  One good thing with synthetic urine is that it is accurate and you will never have anything to worry about. While it is possible to make your synthetic urine at home, you can always buy it.

When buying your synthetic urine, you are supposed to ensure that you get it from a reliable outlet. This is essential because it assists in ensuring that you get well-manufactured urine that is a perfect replica of natural urine.

To ensure that you do not raise any suspicion during the testing process, you are required to maintain a natural temperature. There are several modern techniques that you can use to achieve that, but that is for another day.

Passing a Drug Test in 24 Hours

If you are supposed to go through a drug test within the next 24 hours, you do not have to panic. There are several options that you can employ to salvage the situation. First, you can try making your own synthetic urine at home. This can only be effective if you have all the ingredients for the task. You can also order ready-made urine from different online platforms.

Apart from synthetic urine, you can opt for same day cleanser. They are designed to clean your urine temporary for that single day. Several detox products can help you get desirable results overnight.

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