Certo And Gatorade Review

Have you ever thought of passing a drug test by using only non-specialist products? Most of the home remedies could indeed be awful as well as dangerous, but the Certo drug test method is one of the ways that could save your dream job.

The Certo drug test, also known as Sure-Jell detox, depends on how you approach the instructions that could work for you or against you.

Nowadays, it’s a common problem that at some point, you’ll have to be tested on drugs, and it gets even worse when you’re a recreational user. Therefore, sooner or later, you’ll have to cheat on a drug test in order to keep your job.

What’s Certo?

certo detoxCerto is basically a brand name that’s commonly associated with pectin (a fruit type) often used for making jelly and jam. However, it should be noted that it’s different from gelatin. Although they’re similar in terms of cooking properties, pectin is a fruit, whereas gelatin is a protein.

Moreover, Jello can’t be a substitute for pectin as it’s easily broken down in the stomach, whereas pectin passes absorbing toxins in its way. Interestingly, Certo is affordable as well as widely available, meaning you won’t have to go via dark alleys to acquire the product. Besides, you can opt to make your own pectin gel at home, which is not worth the hassle given the fact that it’s available at a low price.

Fruit Pectin and a Drug Test

Probably you may be wondering how everything works. The common assumption is that it “coats” the stomach and then traps toxins inside. However, the truth is that, like most fibers, pectin allows the body to soak the toxins and then eliminating them via your stool.

Fruit pectin is an extremely soluble fiber, which means that it absorbs water from the body as it passes through. Moreover, unlike the rest of soluble fibers, fruit pectin absorbs more liquids and the forms into a gel. What it means is that, while as other fiber types are expelled in urine, the gel is expelled in the stool.

How it Works

The fact that pectin is a concentrated sugar that’s packed with fiber makes it an excellent option to cheat a drug test. For instance, cannabis metabolites work their way out often through your bowels. Therefore, increasing your fiber intake dramatically in a short period, this will produce more bile, which in turn will draw metabolites into bowels, hence won’t pass out through your urine.

Now you’ll drink Gatorade alongside a vitamin B2 pill, a multivitamin, as well as a creatinine monohydrate dose. The combination will act as a home-made detox drink, flushing the bladder and freeing it of the metabolites, and overloading fresh urine with creatinine and vitamins that pass into the urine, making it appear natural for some hours.

However, it should be noted that the Sure Jell method would otherwise be useless unless you’re a cannabis smoker. The reason is that most of the other drug metabolites exit through urine. Cannabis helps draw more of the metabolites out via the bowel, leaving less for the detox drink.

The Certo Urine Screening Instructions

The moment arguably you’ve been waiting for! Instructions of detoxing yourself before your screening! It’s a process that, if done correctly, you stand the best chance of flushing metabolites out of your body. The ingredients include;

  • 2 packets of Certo, Fruit pectin, or Sure-Jellgatorade sports drink
  • Multivitamin
  • Creatinine powder
  • 2-32 oz. Gatorade or any sports drink
  • Vitamin B12 (optional)

First, you’ll need to abstain from taking drug toxins for several days as possible, with 48 hours being the minimum, and if you’re a heavy weed smoker, you need to even longer days of abstaining.

A few days to your test ensure that you perform a natural detox as well as drink a lot of water so that your system can be kept clean, and help to flux out the drug toxins. Also, your diet should be high in fat as well as fiber to ensure that you draw more of the cannabis metabolites into your bowel.

During Testing

Now, a day before the actual test, probably early evening, mix one packet of pectin with any sports drink (Gatorade). The classic combo ever is that of Gatorade and Certo, although it doesn’t mean that you can’t use any fruit pectin with any sports drink. After drinking it, now follow it up with 32 fluid ounces of additional water. You can then try urinating a few times before going to bed to ensure that you flush out toxins.

Some three hours to the test, mix the second packet of Sure-Jell with Gatorade and then repeat the process. The difference with the batch is that you’ll need to take a multivitamin, a creatinine monohydrate dose, and a vitamin D2 tablet.

Urinate several times over the next hour while hoping that creatinine, as well as vitamins, will be working their way into the urine stream naturally.

One thing to note is that your body system will remain clean for about 3 to 5 hours after performing the method; therefore, ensure that you get your test done within that framework.

Where to Get Certo

Certo, as well as other pectin products, can be obtained in major supermarkets as well as online. However, you should ensure that you read labels correctly while you purchase your product. Also, find out how much as well as what type of fruit pectin is available in the box.

The point of whether the Certo method is worth it comes down to whether you’ll manage to remember the ingredients as well as following the instructions/directions successfully and adequately. Getting everything correct will ensure that you pass your test, but failure to follow the instructions will equally lead to failure of the test.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get out cannabis metabolites, then the Sure Jell drug test method could work for you. However, you really can’t bet your life on the method as some people have failed using the same method.

Nevertheless, to be sure of passing a drug test, using a fake sample of synthetic urine could be your best option.