using detox shampoo for drug test

Detox Shampoo for Hair Drug Test

For the last few years, drug tests have become dominant in workplaces. Employers and government agencies have embraced them because of their reliability and consistency. There is little you can do to combat these tests. You have probably heard about ways to pass a drug test.

Unfortunately, most of the things you have been told, such as using someone’s hair and drinking a lot of water, are blatant lies. Before you learn how the detox shampoo works, you should first understand what is involved in a hair drug test.

What is Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug tests are used to detect drug use of up to 3 months. Taking into account that human hair grows about 0.5 inches per month, you will be required to provide a sample that is at least 1.5 inches in length. If you do not have hair that is that long, the testing authority might make use of leg hair, chest, and underarm. The fact that the hair stops growing after reaching a particular length, it becomes a valid specimen for drug tests.

Although three months is the standard drug detection range, your hair can be tested for a period of 180 days. In this case, your hair sample ought to be at least 3 inches long. The only limitation of this drug testing procedure is that it takes about five days since your last drug usage for the procedure to work. That is because it takes about five days for the follicle that carries the toxins to emerge above the scalp.

Detox Shampoo for Drug Test Near Me

Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

There is no discussion on cheating hair drug test without mentioning: Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. You have to ensure it is the old style. That is because the new formula does not work in the same way as the old one.

The product is formulated to get into hair strands and eliminate all toxins such as atmospheric pollutants, chlorine, and impurities that make your hair dull. That was the main purpose of manufacturing this product. Surprisingly, it works well for getting rid of marijuana from the hair and other drugs.

nexxus toxin rid detox shampoo

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The fact that it is a one-part formula means it is easy to use. After rinsing out your shampoo, you need to apply Aloe Toxin Rid, rinse and soak, before applying the hair conditioner. It is a powerful method for providing great hair detox, though this may not be of help to heavy users.

If you are a heavy drug user, it is a good idea to use this product in combination with other products and shampoos to have a thorough hair detox. Simply, there is no hair detox technique that does not include Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. The formula has a 99.99% success rate according to experts.

You can get this product from the official site at discounted rates. Use this coupon code: “TESTCLEAR10” to enjoy 10% discounts on all of their products.

Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo

This is another product that comes up when talking about ways to beat hair tests. Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo has a similar formulation to Ultra Clean and Toxin Rid. The product does not have any conditioner; it only has a purifier and shampoo.

The application procedure of hair detox shampoo is quite similar: you start with the shampoo, and the purifier follows. Make sure you use everything you have in both bottles and wash your hair thoroughly. After rinsing, the product will coat your hair for about 8 hours.

You should note that this product does not have the same effectiveness as Toxin Rid. Thus, you can use it as a supplementary application when you are about to take the test or to complete your hair detox method. It is a good product for light drug users. However, if you are a heavy user, then get Toxin Rid.

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Zydot Ultra Clean Detox Shampoo

Although Toxin Rid is the most popular brand currently on the market, there are others that have similar ingredients, such as Zydot Ultra Clean. This detox shampoo gets into the hair and washes out pollutants and toxins. It is popular among marijuana users because it is widely used in the Jerry G method.

The kit comes with three boxes of shampoo, conditioner, and purifier. Ideally, the conditioner is not something special, as you can discard it and use your home-made or favorite brand.

zydot ultra clean shampoo

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Start by applying the shampoo packet first, like the normal way you use the shampoo. After this, apply the purifier and ensure it works thoroughly into the scalp and hair. After rinsing out, apply the remaining shampoo packet and condition it as normal.

Although this may not be the best hair follicle detox shampoo, there are many studies that have published results on its effectiveness. If you are doing scientific research, you can read the whole document. This is the summary of the report: Zydot Ultra Clean is effective in reducing drug and toxin concentrations in hair, but it is not sufficient to bring it below detection levels of advanced hair drug tests.

The reason we have reviewed Zydot Ultra Clean is first to provide you with information as a consumer. Secondly, we have found that this product works well when combined with Aloe Toxin Rid or other hair follicle detox methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Follicle Drug Test?

What Does Hair Drug Test Show?

You should note that hair drug tests can show drug use for up to 6 months, and it can be used to detect a wide range of substances. Whenever you ingest drugs or even medicine, they get into the hair follicles through the bloodstream. Every hair follicle then grows into a piece of hair. That means if you do not use drugs on a routine basis, only certain portions of the hair shaft contain traces of the drug.

Hair drug tests detect various types of drugs that are not limited to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, PCP, LSD, and more. These drugs or their metabolites stay in the hair for up to a year. Some compounds such as THC, a major compound in cannabis stays in your hair until you cut it. With all this, the accuracy and reliability of the test are based on three months or ninety days.

Can You Cheat Hair Drug Tests?

As noted above, this test is probably the most difficult to cheat. Fortunately, some shampoos have been found to be effective in cheating a drug test.

The best way to avoid being caught through a drug test is to avoid using drugs for three months. It is advisable to abstain at least 120 days to be safe. In such cases, you will not worry about drugs you have ingested unless it is marijuana.

That may not be worth the risk you are taking if you are surprised with a blood or urine test. Being absent is not an option as you will not be given a warning before taking a drug test. In some cases, a drug test is mandatory before taking up employment.

The other option you have is to shave your head. However, even if you shave your head, you may be requested to provide a sample from other parts such as underarms, chest, or legs. Therefore, you will need to shave the entire body. Unfortunately, this method will make you look suspicious, and you may be subjected to supervised urine tests.

Is a Natural Detox Process Effective?

A natural detox method is an effective process. Remember that drugs you take, get into the bloodstream, and then deposit toxins in your hair, sweat, and urine. An effective detox process will take about seven days, and it involves a cleansing program combined with dietary changes and exercise. The diet you take should include a lot of vegetables and fruits and plenty of water.

Detox Shampoo for Drugs

If your job is on the line, you should use Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. With a 99.9% success rate, you can have peace of mind knowing you will pass your test. The product offers the best way of getting rid of toxins from the hair if you are in a nasty situation.

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A hair follicle test can be a tough challenge, particularly if you have been using drugs for many months. Fortunately, there are things to do if you are presented with this test. You can use hair detox shampoos to increase your chances. Always, abstain from using substances when detoxing.

It is also advisable to try at home drug tests before the actual workplace tests. This will ensure you get first-hand information about whether the product is working or not.