Does Synthetic Urine Go Bad?

If you have a drug test coming up, perhaps you might be thinking about the synthetic urine you purchased some time ago. Is it still in good shape? Can you still use it?

First, you never know when the test will come, and so to be safe, you buy synthetic urine and stock up. But how long will it last? Or will it even go bad?

Unfortunately, like almost all the products, yes, it does expire. However, for how long it takes depends on the manufacturer as well as the formulation being used. Besides, it can stay viable for about even three years, depending on some other factors. The duration is highly dependent on proper storage conditions.

What Makes Fake Pee Go Bad?

For instance, three main factors could negatively affect the viability of the product, and they include;

Exposure to Sunlight

Having your fake urine directly in contact with sunlight affects its pH levels. However, if it gets in touch with direct sunlight for a few minutes or an hour, it won’t be affected.

Exposure to Oxygen

Most folks don’t know whether they can still use fake pee once they have opened it. So, will your fake urine be good to use after being opened? The fast answer is yes; however, when exposed to air, the quality can deteriorate pH levels, and therefore, you need to seal it properly if you’re not going to use it.

Extreme Temperature

The best conditions to store your synthetic urine is at room temperature, whereby there’s no direct access to sunlight. Extreme temperatures will reduce the quality of the synthetic urine that may lead to failure of the test.

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Can You Use Synthetic Urine after Expiration Date?

You don’t have to put your job at risk, do you? Therefore, to be on the safer receiving end, you should not use expired synthetic urine. Moreover, you should avoid using the already opened containers or bottles of fake urine.

Signs of Expired Synthetic Urine

If you’re not sure whether your synthetic urine has gone bad or not, there’re several ways you can check before considering using it, such as;


One thing for sure, the smell of urine, fake or real, is not a pleasant one, but we all know it. However, the smell of expired synthetic urine is foul as well as pungent, meaning even a whiff of it should be a sign that your synthetic urine has gone bad.


Synthetic urine that has already expired over time turns into a dark color. Usually, fresh urine has yellow-like color, meaning if your synthetic urine looks like mixed piss with blood or puddle water, then that should be a sign that it’s no good.

Can You Make Fake Urine Stay Longer?

It’s possible to ensure that you make your urine last longer, but that’s only to a certain time. Typically, synthetic urine has a shelf life of between 1-3 years; when properly stored and that it has not been contaminated.

So, how do you store your synthetic urine to make it last longer? First, you should ensure that you store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. For instance, you can keep it in a refrigerator, but not a freezer.

Also, ensure that you don’t open it unless it’s necessary; until that time when you’re about to use it. Opening your synthetic urine makes it break down and lose its chemical properties that are significant for your success in the drug test.

Also, you should not reheat or re-cool your synthetic urine several times. You should also run a validity test strip to ensure it’s still usable for your drug test.

The risks of using fake urine for your drug test are ultimately what you’re trying to avoid, which is a failure in your drug test. The results will not only be failing the drug test but also breaking the law that will lead to serious consequences.


All synthetic urine kits are not similar; some are better than others; therefore, you should ensure that you only use reliable synthetic urine. Moreover, knowing how to store your fake pee properly and taking expiration date seriously are ways to use it and eventually pass your drug test successfully. Always do your research before purchasing and using synthetic urine.

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