Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Review

Did you know that failing a mere urine test as a result of drug usage can ruin your career as well as a reputation? Of course, you won’t be using drugs within the work premises, but unfortunately, they bother.

Your recreational time should not be followed up, but then now that at some point, you may find yourself in one of the labs, you better get ready. Thankfully, the internet has brought everything to your palm and can be delivered right to your doorstep, and on that list, artificial pee is one of them. Synthetic urine is one way that will guarantee you a pass, and Dr. Greens Agent X is one on top of the list of a plethora of them in the market.

What about Bad Reviews?

Before getting into a complete review of Dr. Greens Agent X, you have to understand that there are a lot of mixed reviews about the solution. Therefore, you should not always trust everything you read as some information could be misleading.

For instance, some could be written by individuals who have little encountered with the product or even have no information at all about the product. In fact, some don’t even have an idea of what ingredients make up the product.

So, What are the Ingredients?

The manufacturer’s website will show that the product only contains uric acid, but then it does as well as include urea. According to their FAQs page, the product contains both urea and uric acid.

When looking for artificial solutions, you should always ensure that you check the ingredients information. In fact, some screening facilities, a few years back, went ahead to test for urea content in the product to distinguish fake from the real stuff. Therefore, to ensure that you pass your urine test, getting a product with both uric acid and urea is not an option, and kind enough, Dr. Greens Agent X has both.

How to Use the Product

Sometimes you may have the best product, but knowing how to use it is the essential part. Dr. Greens Agent X comes in a box, and in the box, you expect to get three fl. Oz. Pre-mixed sample and one package heating element.
So, during the D-day, you’ll have to microwave the pre-mixed solution first. With the product formula, you can even reheat the mixture quite a few times and not breakdown or even degrade the product.

Given that you won’t be doing the heating in the testing facility, it means that by the time you reach there, it would have cooled. Therefore, put the heating element on the other side of the temperature strip to avoid incorrect readings on the bottle of the pre-mixed product. Ensure that the solution has a temperature of between 98-102F to avoid failing the test.

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Does it Last Long?

Interestingly, Dr. Greens Agent X can last up to two years if only the box remains closed and be stored in a cold and dark area. However, if the box is opened as well as stored at room temperature, the solution only lasts two weeks. But is opened and refrigerated, it can take up to four weeks.

Does it Work?

The most significant thing is whether the product works. In most cases, Dr. Greens Agent X has worked for both men and women thanks to its balanced pH levels to serve the different pH levels in men and women.

Moreover, the fact that it has two major ingredients, urea, and uric acid, makes it work. Besides, the heating solution is another reason why it works.

Shipping Limitations

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship to some states for unclear reasons. Therefore the company won’t ship to those states and will charge half the cost of processing if you purchase anyways. The states include GA, AK, IL, NJ, NC, PA, IN, KY, VA, OK, LA, NE, SC, WI, TX, and TN.

Dr. Greens Agent X is surprisingly affordable, with each package costing $29.95 + shipping as well as taxes.

A place to purchase the product is directly from the manufacturer, whereby you can check their various packages as well as product availability. You don’t have to be a victim and purchase tampered products from third-party suppliers.

The Bottom Line

Should you use Dr. Greens Agent X, though? The answer to that will depend on how you take it, but due to some bad reviews about the product, even though it works, you may have to think again before using it.

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