How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Still, employers think smoking just a joint off-the-clock with your buddies is a fireable offense. That’s why drug tests even happen often than you think. Thankfully, synthetic urine kits have been made available to help you pass your drug test.

However, despite the availability of a plethora of synthetic urine kits, still, a good number of folks fail their drug test when giving the fake urine.

So, does it mean they don’t work?

Apparently, the fake urine has worked for several individuals. Still, the first reason why others fail with their tests is basically down to the incorrect temperature range of the urine sample they provide. Therefore, here you’ll learn how to keep synthetic urine warm.

Significance of Warm Urine

First things first, the normal temperature for human urine is around 37 degrees Celsius or merely 98.6 F; otherwise, your urinalysis won’t be successful. Therefore, whenever submitting a sample, it has to be between the ranges of 90 to 100 F.

You don’t have to fail a drug test just because of not maintaining its right temperature. Moreover, submitting a urine sample with the wrong temperature may result in you not only losing your job but also being fined or even being jailed for fraud.

how to keep synthetic urine warm

How Long Does Pee Stay Warm?

You won’t be preparing your fake urine right in the company’s test facility. Therefore, the fact that you’ll be making it from home and traveling to the facility is the main challenge. The urine has to remain warm until you reach the facility.

Unfortunately, even the best synthetic urine doesn’t take that long before it cools down, especially with a normal pill bottle; it’s even rapid. After heating it back at home in your microwave, before getting to the facility, you might find that it’s already cold.

So, what should you do?

In ensuring that your pee stays warm for an extended period, it’s essential to have an airtight container, as well as a source of heat, accompanying you. You should also ensure that it doesn’t spill with the airtight container insulating it and hence keeping the heat longer.

Keeping Synthetic Urine Warm

Now that you know the significance of keeping your synthetic urine warm, how do you keep it warm? Before submitting it, make sure it has the right temperature; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed.

Remember, the laboratories are on the rise with their technologies, meaning any slight mishap may cause trouble on your side.

Luckily, the urine kits have temperature strips as well as a heating pad to help adjust and determine the right temperature. Most heating pads will have you covered for at least 8 hours, which is a reasonable amount of time for you to travel.

However, the heating pad is only for maintaining the sample’s temperature, and therefore, all you need to understand is how to get the sample to that temperature.


You can use the microwave to reheat your synthetic urine. However, be careful not to overdo it. Always use the lowest setting in the microwave when heating, which you should do in five to ten-second intervals.

Ensure to take your time, and better have a sample not heated enough than one that’s too hot. The main focus is passing the test.

Hand Warmers

Another cheapest way to heat your fake urine is by hand warmers. When using them, you just activate the hand warmers and then put the pee sample container close to them until you reach the right temperature.

Heating Pad

In most cases, you’ll get heating pads together with the synthetic urine products you purchase. However, in case they’re missing or they malfunction, ensure you always have a backup method to heat your mixture.

Heating Powder

Sometimes instead of the heating pads, you’ll get heating powder. The powder is of lithium chloride, meaning it won’t alter the synthetic urine solution. The only thing to be careful with is when pouring the powder as too much of it may alter its composition.

Body Heat

The body heat method is another effective way of heating your sample, but the only negative is the fact that it will take a considerable amount of time to reach the desired temperature.

Nevertheless, before submitting your pee sample for drug testing, ensure that it has the right temperature to avoid failing your test and other consequences.

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