How to make Synthetic Urine

Mostly, before starting a new job, most companies require a drug test, and probably that’s why you’re on this page. So you’re up for the test, but you don’t want to spend on buying the synthetic urine? There’s nothing to worry about as you can come up with your own fake urine virtually for nothing.

However, you’ll have to need the right ingredients as well as some few measurement tools, but all the same, the whole process is comfortably within your reach. One thing to note is that it won’t just be a walk in the park coming up with your fake urine. For instance, you won’t be able to test your fake, and hence that puts it at risk that you may pass or fail the test.

Moreover, just like store-bought synthetic urine, you’ll have some problems to ensure that you keep it warm, getting it past security systems, or even getting it to the right sample cup in cases of supervision. Furthermore, the cost of ingredients could get you back to the pre-made synthetic urine.

It gets even harder now that the labs are aware of such circumstances, and hence they check with more concern the urine, which makes it a bit challenging to making a near-perfect fake urine sample. That makes buying more straightforward and easier than making your own, given that the labs are well-equipped will high-quality control than you would offer.

However, if still, you want to make your own fake urine, here’s what you’ll have to do:

Acidic Recipe Requirements

With these requirements, you’ll have to ensure that you exercise extreme caution. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1.9Ml of 1.25 ammonia solution
  • 976ml of 0.02-mole hydrochloric acid solution
  • 2.8g potassium chloride
  • 14.1g sodium chloride
  • 0.6g calcium chloride
  • 17.3g urea
  • 0.43g magnesium sulfate

As much the stuff can be challenging to acquire, ensure that you get lab-grade stuff because lower grades can have additives that might not play well with other ingredients. Also, remember that when you get concentrated hydrochloric acid, you’ll have to ensure that you dilute it. It should always be adding the acid into water and not the other way around. Remember to put on your protective equipment.

First, mix the dry ingredients, and then toss them into a one-liter capacity sealable container. Mix them all up and then add an ammonia solution.

fake pee - how to make synthetic urine

With great caution, add HCL slowly until your solution gets the right color of urine. At that point, seal your container and store it away from sunlight. When not exposed to extreme temperatures, it will keep for several weeks. When the time is right, fill up a small concealable bottle with the fake urine and get ready for the test.

The Freezable Recipe

Here, you’ll need:

  • 7.5g salt
  • 750ml distilled water
  • 50mg albumin powder (bovine or egg)
  • 4.8g monosodium phosphate
  • 4.5g potassium chloride
  • 18.2g urea
  • 2g creatinine

Apart from the creatinine, the rest is less to find, and the whole process is less risky, given that there’s no hydrochloric acid. Get a fine scale to ensure you get it right with the quantities.

Now, take a sealable one-liter container and put water in. Slowly add urea into the water and then mix thoroughly to ensure all crystals have dissolved.

Now add salt, the potassium chloride, and sodium phosphate while mixing thoroughly. Once that’s done, seal it, and it will last several weeks. Freezing it will make the mixture last even longer.

Once the test day comes, add creatinine as well as albumin powder, and then put it into a concealable bottle and you’re good to go.

Practical Concerns

Like any other fake urine, your DIY urine from both recipes has one main concern; keeping it at the right temperature. The normal body temperature is between 97.7- 99.5 F, and hence the urine has to have a similar temperature range.

Therefore, to ensure that you keep the temperatures right, you can purchase an attachable heating pack and then stick it into the sample bottle, and for about one hour, the sample will be kept at the right temperature.

Nevertheless, unless you have a fake penis, fake pee won’t work in testing venues with high supervision.


Is making your own fake urine worth it? Maybe it’s not as you’ll incur expenses as well as effort. Moreover, some things may go wrong, and unfortunately, you can’t test that to ascertain it. Therefore, you really don’t want to risk your job, but if you feel it’s indeed worth it, fine, just go ahead.

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