Jobs that Require Routine Employee Drug Testing

You just got your dream job, passed the interview only to found out that there’s the last section to go through – a drug test. Unfortunately, you’re sure you will fail the test, meaning you’ll lose your dream job.

Given the ever-increasing number of job seekers, most jobs have turned to drug testing criteria to eliminate most of the folks. Therefore, to avoid such disappointments, most folks have devised ways to cheat during drug testing.

How Drug Testing is Done

First, some drugs have been banned, and hence using them can go as far as affecting your health. However, it’s apparent to say that some folks can’t be separated from some drugs; therefore, if you’re one in that category, then you should know how companies test drugs.

Getting your dream job is now very competitive, and it is one thing you won’t want to miss. Most companies test drugs using mainly three types of specimens that include hair, urine, and oral fluid. Of course, each of the specimens has got its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Urine is widely preferred as it’s the only one permitted by testing rules, and hence most employers prefer using it as it offers a plethora of benefits.

For instance, urine offers employers reliable results as the sample can be obtained within a very short period, and results determined within that shortest time possible.

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Jobs that Require Routine Drug Testing

You don’t have to get worried if you haven’t got to your job yet, as not all the employers demand that you perform a drug test. Some will even not care whether you perform your duties under the influence of drugs or not.

However, most of them will require a drug test, which is a routine within the company. Some of those jobs include;


Irrespective of the level, all athletes are required to have regular drug tests to ensure that they don’t harm their health. Moreover, random drug testing in sports helps to ensure that there’s fair play among all the employees.

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It’s almost a no brainer that working in a construction industry requires one to be sober. The reason is that it’s always dangerous, meaning that folks should be careful all the time. Therefore, routine employee drug testing in such an industry is a safety measure intended to ensure that no individual is hurt during the process of construction.

Health Care

Another no brainer industry whereby the employee must be sober is in health care. Here, it’s all about dealing with the lives of people, meaning extra precaution is required, which fortunately can be provided by a sober individual.

Imagine a drunken doctor taking care of you? That’s like minimizing your chances of survival. Therefore, you should be ready for routine drug testing if you’re aspiring to work in this industry.

drug testing in the lab


Transportation is entirely dealing with the lives of several people that depend on you to arrive at their various destinations safely. Therefore, it’s one of those industries that you must be ready to undergo routine drug testing.

The industry entails aviation, trucking, mass transit, pipelines, railroads, as well as other significant transport-related industries. Truck drivers are known to use products such as Quick Fix 6.2 urine to pass their drug tests.

Why Drug Testing?

At some point, you may wonder why industries perform drug testing. Perhaps, situations, as well as circumstances, may compel them to carry out the test, but then there’re numerous benefits from those drug tests including;

Increased Productivity

Completion is what keeps most companies running, and most of them would want to be on the front foot. However, in an environment where drugs are abused, that may not be the case. Therefore, most of them carry out tests to ensure that the employees only concentrate on work and hence increasing productivity.

Improves Safety

You can’t buy life, and hence it needs protection all the time. The safety of the employee is a priority, and through drug testing, their safety is under check.

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Crime Reduction

Drug testing in companies also helps in decreasing crimes. People under the influence of drugs mostly become violent or steal some stuff from the workplace, making the workplace environment unbearable.

Generally, several jobs require routine drug testing and for a good reason, such as saving money, reducing crimes, and increasing productivity.

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