Monkey Dong Review – 2021 Complete Synthetic Urine Kit

Imagine having that stressful week after work. You just deserve to let loose and then party hard. Unfortunately, companies have a different mind, and that’s why drug tests are mandatory for most employers – even when marijuana is now legal in over ten states.

However, you don’t have to worry that you may lose your job the following morning; apparently, that’s why you’re here. Your’ right now’ solution is with synthetic urine to get you out of the mess. A lot of brands offer the best synthetic urine kits, but the top brand making waves is the Monkey Dong.

Most urine drug testing facilities differ in how intimate, or even noisy observers or supervisors can be just when you may be about to produce your sample. In such scenarios, the Monkey Dong comes in handy as it’s just a fake penis. Keep reading our Monkey Dong review to find out more about this brand. 

What’s the Monkey Dong (Fake Penis)?

This is a product that exactly looks like a penis, but rather has a reservoir to store fake pee product. They mainly help recreational users to pass their drug tests whenever urine samples are asked. Often, these kinds of tests occur in facilities whereby observers watch over.

As much as that kind of watching is not legally allowed, they indeed make it very hard to cheat or even slip in a little of synthetic urine. Therefore, the monkey dong can indeed help you come out clean with your test cheating.

Why Monkey Dong?

There’s nothing more a man can need to pass a urine test than the Monkey Dong. The unit is highly realistic as well as affordable when compared to the rest of other fake penis products. Moreover, the product comes with everything needed to pass your drug test, which includes a sample of the best synthetic urine.

monkey dong synthetic urine

Ease of Use

The best thing about Monkey Dong is its excellent ease of use, as well as the fact that it’s ready for use right after getting it out of the box. It includes the monkey dong that features a “silent internal valve” used to control the stream of the pee with only a bit of squeezing.

What Monkey Dong Incorporates

The product also comes with 3.5 ounces of high-quality synthetic urine, which you’re guaranteed to pass your test. The fake pee that’s included meets the requirements for urinalysis that include identical physical characteristics like color, specific gravity, smell, and chemical attributes like urea, PH level, and uric acid content.

Moreover, it has four heating pads that heat the sample to get the right temperatures and also keep it for hours. Also, it has a belt capable of looping around anything even up to a 54″ waistline as well as a syringe.


Imagine a fake penis that won’t match the color of your skin. The Monkey Dong ensures that you don’t lose your job by giving you an out of order product. It comes in six different and unique colors that represent the six races: white, light white, Latino, tan, brown, and black.

Therefore, the Monkey Dong is undoubtedly a perfect fit that anyone can get regardless of the race or the time on a tanning bed.

How to Use the Monkey Dong

Using the Monkey Dong is just a breeze. All you need to do is take it and then close the valves to ensure that nothing leaks out when loading it up. Then follow it up by taking the syringe and then measure 100mL of water.

Add the synthetic urine sample into the water and then use the syringe and capture the whole solution you just created. Then unscrew the cap on the products’ bladder port then inject your synthetic pee solution into Monkey Dong.

Add one heating pad to the assembly behind the temperature strip and then strap the entire stuff on while the temperature strip is being pressed against your skin. Ensure you monitor the temperature strip regularly to be within 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then secure it beneath your clothes as you get ready for the test. Once it’s time, just open the safety valve, whip the Monkey Dong, then squeeze its tip to squirt your sample out of the bladder into the sample cup, and you’re good to go.

Monkey Dong Vs. The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is more like the Monkey Dong with similar features. So, who’s boss? The Monkey Dong, of course.

The monkey Dong costs merely $90 and cheaper than the Whizzinator. Ensure you buy one from the authorized official website and avoid getting one from an online reseller.


The Monkey Dong is the joy of every man looking to do some drug urine test for its diverse colors, readiness to use, and price. 

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