An Honest Monkey Whizz Review – Does it Work in 2021?

A drug test can be an avid weed smoker’s worst nightmare. Even though weed his now legal in most states, it’s still frowned upon by many employers. If you want to keep enjoying recreational marijuana without jeopardizing your future, there are ways you can cheat a urine drug test. 

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is, by far, one of the best options for keeping your job without sacrificing your lifestyle. Today, we are going to give you an honest Monkey Whizz review and explain how you can use their products to pass your next urinalysis.

What is Monkey Whizz Review?

Monkey Whizz is your all-in-one solution for synthetic urine. Fake urine has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to pass a urine drug test reliably. Monkey Whizz synthetic urine contains uric acid, which is found in normal urine and is crucial for passing a drug test.

Many other synthetic urine brands lack this ingredient, which is a huge red flag when trying to pass a urinalysis. That’s because if your urine sample lacks uric acid, the test results will come up as “invalid,” and you will have to retake your test. That will also raise suspicion and will most likely result in a witness needing to be there while you give your sample (awkward).

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is one of the most realistic fake pee kits on the market and is suitable for both men and women. Let’s take a closer look at how this product is made, and how to use it properly so you can go to your next drug test worry-free. 

What Comes in the Monkey Whizz Package?

image of monkey whizz kit for womenWhen you purchase Monkey Whizz synthetic urine online, shipping is fast, and the packaging is discreet. The company name or any other potentially telling information isn’t printed on the outside. Monkey Whizz also offers overnight shipping, which is terrific for those last-minute surprises. The last thing you want to do is ask your employer to delay the test for a few days.

Here’s what you can expect inside your package of Monkey Whizz once it arrives:

  • A urinator kit
  • Two heating pads (to keep your sample warm)
  • An adjustable belt for hiding your synthetic urine sample
  • Temperature strip
  • 3.5 ounces of synthetic urine

How to Use Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is by far one of the most trusted brands out there (guide on best synthetic urine kits), but how exactly do you use it?  It is surprisingly simple, and as part of this Monkey Whizz review, we are going to show you how to use it and all the steps you need to follow to pass your next urinalysis. 

Monkey Whizz near me comes in two different forms, powder and premixed. Both are effective and fit nicely in the provided holster. However, the premixture is sterilized. 

To use monkey whizz synthetic urine powder solution, just mix it in with warm water, and you’re good to go! The premixture doesn’t require any setup, but you will need to make sure it’s the right temperature (89 to 100 F°). That’s where the heating pads come in handy. If used correctly, the heating pads should keep your synthetic urine at the right temperature for about 8 hours. 

Be aware: If you submit synthetic urine that is too cold, it will invalidate your test results, and you will need to retest. 

Place one of the included heating pads on the flask between the belt and the bag. Make sure that the temperature strip is always in contact with your skin, and that the little hose is pointing down towards the floor. Put the flask on about one hour before your test to make sure the temperature is correct, and you can comfortably move around without looking strange. 

When you’re ready to do your business, unfasten the flask and let the Monkey Whizz drain into the sample cup. If this seems unclear or confusing, don’t worry. Monkey Whizz provides detailed instructions with all their kits. Make sure to follow them thoroughly to ensure you pass your urine drug test. 

Monkey Whizz Near Me

At this point, you might be wondering if Monkey Whizz is effective. While no synthetic urine can guarantee you will pass a drug test, if you follow the instructions correctly, your chances of passing are much higher than other forms of drug test manipulation. Of course, if you leave out any of the steps, you do risk failing your drug test and potentially losing your job.

What makes Monkey Whizz stand out compared to other synthetic urines is that it contains both uric acid and creatine, meaning it more closely resembles real urine. There are products that don’t contain these elements, potentially even at a lower price, but they won’t stand up to a full lab test. 

Monkey Whizz is as close as you can get to the real thing. That’s why it presents the highest chance of success.

Monkey Whizz vs. The Whizz Kit

Although Monkey Whizz is one of the best options, it’s not the only solution for cheating a drug test. There are tons of synthetic urine products out there, but the Whizz Kit is by far Monkey Whizz’s top competitor. 

Monkey Whizz is cheaper than The Whizz Kit, but that’s not the only reason why it’s a better choice to beat a urine test. One of the main reasons we love Monkey Whizz is that they offer overnight shipping. 

The Monkey Whizz kit also has a more comfortable flask size. It’s a lot smaller than the Whizz Kit, so you don’t have to spend all night learning how to walk properly while wearing it. Monkey Whizz is perfect for those supervised drug tests because it’s virtually undetectable. 

For all the gentlemen out there, using a synthetic penis may not appear to be all that unnatural. If you’re of the opposite sex, though, having to use a fake penis can be cumbersome at best and a red flag for your test administrator if you end up supervised at worst. Monkey Whizz doesn’t require a synthetic penis of any kind, making it practical for both genders. 

Last but not least, Monkey Whizz contains uric acid, and as mentioned above, that is an essential component for synthetic urine. Monkey Whizz will resemble real urine in every way, so you won’t have to worry about your test results showing up as insufficient or invalid.

Where to Buy Monkey Whizz Near Me

Unfortunately, drug tests aren’t a “one and done” scenario. If your employer makes you take one, the chances are good that another will come up in the future. That makes investing in synthetic urine an expensive solution, but it’s well worth it. So, where can I find monkey whizz near me?

Make sure that you are always purchasing Monkey Whizz online and directly from the manufacturer. If you cannot order it directly from the source, always use a trusted site that is backed by positive reviews. There are a lot of counterfeit products out there that will not work and could risk your employment status. 

If you buy directly from Monkey Whizz, you can take advantage of overnight shipping, and your synthetic urine will be ready to use the next day. If you know you have a drug test coming up, don’t wait! It’s better to have what you need early than risk a last-minute purchase—even overnight shipping can be delayed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Monkey Whizz

Has Monkey Whizz ever failed?

Monkey Whizz has been tried and tested by thousands of users and seldom fails. The only time this product ever fails is when a user doesn’t properly follow the instructions. As long as you are vigilant, and follow all of the steps, you should pass your urine test without issue. 

Does Monkey Whizz expire?

Believe it or not, fake urine does expire and should not be used after its expiration date. Luckily for you, Monkey Whizz should last up to 12 months if stored properly. It’s best only to order one kit at a time. 

Can you heat Monkey Whizz in the microwave?

No, you should never microwave Monkey Whizz. The kit comes with two heating pads that will keep your synthetic urine warm for up to 8 hours. 

What is the optimal temperature for Monkey Whizz?

To pass a drug test with synthetic urine, it needs to be between 89 to 104 F°

How much does Monkey Whizz cost?

Each kit will cost you around $45. You will get enough synthetic urine for one test and a few extra products such as heating pads and an elastic belt. You can also order urine refills for roughly $15. (Pricing may vary over time.) 

Can drug tests detect synthetic urine?

That depends on the type of synthetic urine you’re using. Monkey Whizz synthetic urine contains uric acid and creatine, which are essential for passing standard urine tests. Without these compounds, you could fail or end up with an invalid result. In the latter case, you will need to retake the test. Retakes are never good because they will result in requiring a witness present while you take your test. It may also raise suspicion from your employer.

Monkey Whizz Review – Conclusion

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is the perfect last-minute solution for cheating a urine drug test. It’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to other brands. There are hundreds of reviews online backing these claims, and very few people have failed a drug test while using Monkey Whizz synthetic urine. 

Whether you’re a heavy weed smoker or just smoke a few times per week, Monkey Whizz synthetic urine will be your best option for passing a urinalysis. Since they can get your kit shipped out within 24 hours, it’s amazing for those dire situations. 

While you will find some negative Monkey Whizz reviews, they are the result of people not following the instructions correctly. 

The only potential downside is the price. Monkey Whizz  synthetic urine could be a bit cheaper, but the benefits are worth every penny. Your job shouldn’t affect your lifestyle. Monkey Whizz allows you to enjoy recreational marijuana without having to worry about losing your primary source of income

We believe it is the most viable solution for anyone trying to pass a urine drug test. We hope this Monkey Whizz review answered all your questions. Remember to always purchase Monkey Whizz synthetic urine directly from their Official Authorized Site to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

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