P-Sure Review – Novelty Fake Pee

Urine tests have now become increasingly common with employers as well as part of the interviews, to the extent that some companies now require quarterly or monthly tests.

Maybe that for you could be seen as an infringement of personal life or not, but failing to turn up for such test, leave alone failing the test itself can have serious social as well as financial consequences. They can permanently get into your employment record, you get fired, or keep you off your deal job. (Read more about jobs that require drug testing).

For that reason, there has been an increase in demand for artificial solutions resulting in significant advancements in chemical engineering of some substitute samples that include P Sure Synthetic.

Why P Sure?

Maybe you could be thinking about getting someone’s pee into the testing facility to pass your test. However, as much as it looks a good idea as to its real urine, you never know what your friend has in store; neither can you guarantee that their pee is the real deal. You may end up testing, even worse results than you expected.

p sure review urine testAlso, you can decide to work out more so that you can sweat more, or opt to drink a lot of water or even diuretics such as coffee to ensure you pee a lot more. However, if the text is coming up thick and fast, then detoxes may not be the perfect option. Therefore, for that reason, synthetic urine (P Sure) comes in handy to rescue your dream job. They’re perfect at mimicking real urine when appropriately mixed.

What’s P Sure Urine?

The P sure is merely pre-mixed synthetic urine, which has it’s own warmer as well as a temperature reading strip. Moreover, it has that slight yellow tinge like real urine.

The product is made of uric acid as well as various salts and proteins, which are natural pee. Other components, such as creatinine, sodium phosphate, albumin powder, and sodium chloride, are also present.

When using P Sure, first, you should warm it a little in a microwave, something like six hours before the real-time for your test.

After warming, check the sample temperature to ensure that it’s within the range that’s required as natural pee.
After that, keep it warm until you get to the testing facility and discreetly take it out and do your thing.

Does it Contain Uric Acid?

Uric acid is one of the most important components any synthetic urine should have, and the P Sure has the right concentration of uric acid in it.

In the mixture, uric acid is essential. The body makes it once it breaks down purines. Therefore, having it in your fake pee is crucial as most, if not all, tests focus on whether uric acid is present to confirm that the sample is indeed natural pee.

Therefore, if the synthetic urine lacks the right concentration of uric acid, you would undoubtedly be in trouble as it will be rejected faster than a blink of an eye.

Does It Work?

One thing for sure, no product is flawless. Therefore, if you really want to pass your drug test, you’ll need to follow all the instructions very closely. For instance, you should be very careful when reading the sample temperature by the temperature strip.

Don’t let the sample cool too much, or you don’t have to heat it for too long as it will inevitably fail your test.
Most users have reported success in their drug tests using the P Sure. However, there’re rare cases whereby the P Sure has disappointed some users, maybe due to the temperature difference as well as poor stealth.

In ensuring that you get the success you desire, it would be nice to put some practice in first with some extra kits and then to learn the ins and outs. By so doing, you’ll get it right when the actual day eventually comes.

Another thing you should be very careful with is the shady websites that might get you the wrong product. Ensure you get the real deal from a very reliable retailer to avoid expired or fake products that will get you in trouble.


Urine tests are indeed damning, and no one loves them, but one thing is for sure, you love your reputation and job. Therefore, since you don’t probably fancy preparing for a urine test, you can stand guard always with a P Sure synthetic urine kit all the time. Never gamble with your job; the Quick fix is the best recommendation.

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