Quick Fix Pee Review- Does It Really Work?

Welcome to my detailed quick fix pee review

Recreational weed is only legal in 11 US states. The global numbers aren’t much more inspiring. There are only five countries, including Canada and Spain, that have fully legalized recreational weed.

These restrictions can dampen the relaxation and self-medication in your personal life. They create headaches when passing a drug test in your professional one, too. Stay ahead of testers with synthetic urine. Here is everything you need to know with our Quick Fix synthetic urine review for drug testing.

What Is Quick Fix 6.2 Plus?

quick fix plus urine kitQuick Fix 6.2 is one of the best synthetic urines on the market. The laboratory-grade solution from Spectrum Labs lets you safely and effectively circumvent a drug test at work or school. Each package comes with laboratory testing, so you are confident in the results no matter what.

Spectrum Labs has developed fake pee for more than 25 years. Quick Fix 6.2 is the latest iteration of the company’s best-selling patented synthetic urine kit. When people are staring down the barrel of a drug test, they trust Spectrum Labs.

How to Use Quick Fix Urine and Not Fail?

When you prepare and use Quick Fix urine properly, you will pass 99 percent of drug tests. The keyword here is “properly.” Here are the steps to remain undetected at your next drug test.

Heat It Up

Your body is, on average, 98.6˚F. Because your pee incubates in the body, it is roughly this temperature when you urinate. While some people have slightly hotter or cooler samples, the urine stays at 98.6˚F for about four minutes outside the body.

The easiest way to replicate this warmth is with a microwave. Place your three-ounce sample without the lid in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds. If you do not have a microwave on hand, try strapping a heating pad against the bottle and setting it on high.

Test the Temperature

digital thermometer for measuring sample temperature

The synthetic urine bottle should be warm to the touch when you take it out of the microwave. Double-check your results with the plastic temperature strip from the Quick Fix Plus kit. Dip the strip in the sample and make sure the temperature is right. You are good to go if it is between 94 and 100˚F.

Keep It Consistent

Your sample needs to arrive on-site warm if you want to pass your drug test. That means keeping it warm from your home to the testing facility. A heating pad is your best friend here, keeping your sample warm for up to six hours.

Plan the logistics before using Quick Fix. It doesn’t make sense to buy and submit synthetic urine if you don’t do it at the right temperature. The most straightforward approach is to prepare your synthetic urine sample right before you leave.

Does Quick Fix 6.1 Work in 2021?

Quick Fix 6.2 and Quick Fix 6.1 are almost identical. The difference is that Quick Fix 6.2 has uric acid, which is a natural waste product from food digestion. This biomarker is only relevant if the drug test looks for uric acid.

You and your job are safe (you won’t get caught) if you submit a sample with Quick Fix 6.1. The product continues to pass drug tests in 2021 and will for years to come. That’s because it even features the characteristics of real urine, such as:

  • No toxins
  • Balanced pH level
  • Normal gravity rating
  • Balanced creatine levels

When clinicians review Quick Fix urine, they are looking at a remarkably life-like sample. Everything from the color to the biomarkers matches the real thing. The attention to detail makes Quick Fix a go-to source for anyone who really needs to pass detection.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt

Another part of the logistical equation is bringing your sample into the facility. That is where the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt can help. The refillable kit discreetly secures around your waist with an adjustable elastic band so that you can deliver your sample without detection.

The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt comes with everything you need for a fast and efficient drug test. That includes an empty vinyl medical-grade bag, a medical-grade syringe, and one sticky heating pad. The belt also has a silent opening value, so you do not raise suspicion during the test.

Buy Quick Fix Urine Belt Here

Quick Fix Leg Strap

quick fix leg strapThe Quick Fix Leg Strap offers convenient storage for your synthetic urine without drawing unwanted attention. The elastic device fits snuggly around your thigh and has an adjustable strap for the ultimate security. The neoprene material minimizes abrasion to keep you comfortable for any amount of time.

The Quick Fix Leg Strap is compatible with all models of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. All you have to do is load the strap before you visit with the warm sample. Remove the synthetic urine when you take the test and place the contents into the collection container when needed.

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How Does Quick Fix Synthetic Pee Work?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine works because it mimics real pee. Spectrum Labs performs rigorous laboratory tests and research worldwide to ensure you have the best possible specimen for passing. It is so realistic that many laboratories and universities use it for research as an alternative to human urine.

The continuous testing makes Quick Fix urine a faithful substitute for anyone. Each sample is gender-neutral, so there is no chance of incorrect biomarkers appearing in the drug test results. It also works regardless of age.

The Ingredients

The only way to build the perfect synthetic urine is to understand what clinicians look for during testing. Spectrum Labs has experience on both sides of the equation. When you take a urine-based drug test, clinicians look at the following characteristics:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Creatinine
  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Specific gravity
  • Bleach
  • Peroxide
  • Glutaraldehyde

Spectrum Labs tailors its synthetic urine to these specifications. The attention to detail is what makes Quick Fix 6.2 the most advanced version yet. The premixed synthetic samples have the essential characteristics of real pee, so clinicians cannot readily tell the difference.

Spectrum Labs regularly updates its formula to stay ahead of the curve. Many people use to add glutaraldehyde to beat drug tests, but urinalysis equipment caught on to the hack. The scientific approach to ingredients is why millions of people rely on Quick Fix products.

Where to Buy Quick Fix Plus Kit Near Me

The Quick Fix Plus kit is only available online. It comes with three ounces of synthetic urine, a heating pad, a plastic temperature strip, and instructions. Each package also comes with 100 percent customer satisfaction and a money-back guarantee.

If you want Quick Fix 6.2, visit the Quick Fix website. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting an authentic product. After you complete your purchase, the Quick Fix kit will arrive at your home in an unmarked box and does not appear on your credit card receipt.

Use caution when buying Quick Fix Plus outside of the official website. While it’s tempting to explore the discounted prices on Amazon or eBay, sellers may have tampered with synthetic urine. Do not leave your drug test up to chance. Buy the fake urine from the official website for genuine Quick Fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Pass a Lab Test?

Yes. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine passes laboratory testing 99 percent of the time. One percent of failures are attributable to human error. For instance, the user may contaminate the sample or forget to warm it to the proper temperature.

Understanding why a Quick Fix Synthetic Urine review is successful requires a look into urinalysis. The process uses urine to detect and manage a range of disorders related to the kidneys, diabetes, and urinary tracts. A clinician performs physical, chemical, and microscopic tests to ensure participants are healthy or drug-free.

Quick Fix passes review because it matches the characteristics of real urine. The carbon-copy accuracy makes it almost indistinguishable to experts. Here are some of the specific qualifications that make Quick Fix realistic:

  • A pH level between 4.5 and 8
  • A gravity level between 1.005 and 1.030
  • A creatinine level above 15 milligrams
  • Appropriate color and odor

Clinicians also test for substances that should not exist in urine. A sample with glutaraldehyde is a red flag that the urine is fake. Glutaraldehyde was a popular compound in old formulas, though, laboratories have since identified it as a characteristic of synthetic urine.

The same applies to nitrates and urea. These substances exist in urine at low levels, but abnormally high amounts are tell-tale signs of fraud. Quick Fix Plus moderates nitrates and urea, so there is no chance of error.

The last key to passing a urine drug test is the temperature. If you provide a sample on-site, it has to be between 94 and 100˚F. You will fail if you deliver a perfect sample at the incorrect temperature.

How Long Does It Last?

Quick Fix has a shelf life of two years. The duration depends on storage factors and whether or not you prematurely open the bottle. Keep Quick Fix in a cool, dry place to avoid unwanted contamination or spoilage. The refrigerator and freezer are ideal locations because they regulate temperature and moisture levels.

You should only open Quick Fix when you need it. Opening it in advance increases your chance of spoilage. One trick to keep your samples in order: label them. Write down the date on the label when you used it and keep those bottles near the front of your refrigerator or freezer for immediate access.

Can It Go Bad?

Storing Quick Fix at the incorrect temperature or in inhospitable conditions causes it to go bad. You should notice a different odor and appearance to the synthetic urine. Instead of a slightly musty scent, spoiled Quick Fix smells unfamiliar and rotten.

While scent requires subjective judgment, you can easily detect spoilage with your eyes. When you expose Quick Fix to excessive oxygen, the synthetic urine begins to oxidize. The contents darken and no longer resemble actual urine. You may also notice bacteria and other growths inside the container.

Can I Reheat My Sample?

microwave for reheating quick fix before submission

You can reheat Quick Fix as many times as you want. That applies whether you warm it with a heating pad or in the microwave. The important thing is that you check the temperature so that Quick Fix can emulate an actual human sample.

Some contents may settle during heating. Shake the bottle before and after heating for the proper Quick Fix mixture. You can also keep Quick Fix warm with a heating pad for up to six hours.

It Is Illegal to Use Artificial Pee

Synthetic urine is illegal in several states, with many others considering legislation against it. These laws are a response to the increasing popularity of synthetic urine to beat drug tests. Some of the states where synthetic urine is illegal:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia

It is not illegal to own Quick Fix. These states prohibit people from distributing, delivering, or selling drug masking products. That includes possessing synthetic urine with the intent to distribute, deliver, or sell.

You can definitely still buy Quick Fix because you do not have to use it for drug tests. Many laboratories use it for scientific experiments while other people use it for pranks. These openings make it possible to get quick fix pee review now and in the future.


The Quick Fix brand has dominated the synthetic urine products industry for 25 years. The newest formula, Quick Fix 6.2, is a testament to the innovation and dedication that put it there in the first place. It’s easy to see why Quick Fix is the gold standard for other urine test companies.

You can’t go wrong with Quick Fix when you need to pass a drug test. This easy-to-use synthetic urine looks, feels, and smells like the real thing. Quick Fix also has a 99 percent success rate, so success is all but guaranteed.