Serious Monkey Flask Urine Review

The drug testing phenomenon is getting popular each passing, and there’re no signs that it’s going to change any time soon. Given the increasing number of individuals using drugs across the globe, the chances are that most folks will fail the drug tests.

Therefore, hard-working, honest folks like you require protection from companies with poorly considered drug tests, and it’s at that point that Monkey Flask is called upon.

But how good is it?

What’s Serious Monkey Flask?

As far as the product is concerned, the term “Monkey” is of no significance, and the monkey flask is one of the many products from Serious Monkey Business Company.
Monkey Flask is merely premixed synthetic urine created and tested in the lab and will stand by you when you need to pass that upcoming drug test.

It has a similar appearance as well as smell as natural urine, and foams when the bottle is shaken. The physical appearance makes it a good option for fetish play, screenings, and even pranks.

The product contains a 3.5-ounce bottle of urine in liquid form, an 8-hour heating pad, a set of instructions that are straightforward to follow, and an integrated temperature strip.

The product contains uric acid making it complete, while the heating pad makes it easy to keep the sample hot enough for almost 8 hours. Basically, it contains;

  • Chlorideserious monkey flask
  • Water
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine

It also includes a correct pH value between 4.6 and 8. It also embodies similar density or rather specific gravity as natural human urine.

How to Use Serious Monkey Flask

Start by heating the urine using a microwave to a temperature of about 98 degrees. Use the heating pad around it to help keep the sample hot (will keep it hot for up to 8 hours). Carry your sample to the testing center carefully. To avoid detection, you can wear heavy clothes, and before submitting the sample, ensure that you check the temperature using the temperature strip provided.

Does the Monkey Flask Work?

It’s fair to say that a company may not produce a magnificent product and fail with another. Therefore, just like the monkey whizz, Serious Monkey Business has produced another product in Monkey Flask. However, the Snap-On, snap-off of the monkey Flask could be the deal-breaker.

Moreover, the Monkey Flask meets all the chemical requirements of a sophisticated laboratory, and hence it’s one of the most viable options for you to pass your screening test. The difference between natural human urine and Monkey Flask is merely the method of production.

Furthermore, Monkey Flask is ready for use for about 24 months, after which its physical and chemical properties start to change, making it not suitable for use in a drug test. However, the expired version can be used for pranks as well as diaper testing.

Therefore, for optimal quality as well as ensuring that you do not take chances with your job, you should ensure that you use only Monkey Flask that’s not expired. That will only be possible by staring with purchasing only from the producer or reputable retailers.
You don’t refrigerate the liquid Monkey Flask to extend its shelf life, besides you’re not supposed to expose it to direct sunlight. Ensure that you store it at optimal room temperature and in a dark place.

The Monkey Flask is fairly cheap, as you can purchase it at around $39. Some individuals like living on the edge, an approach that may or may not work in some situations. However, when all you’ve got is to keep your job, the best approach should be eliminated, rather than cultivating the risk.


It’s very easy to prepare and use Monkey Flask synthetic urine. It’s also affordable and does its work that it’s meant to perform exceptionally well. Therefore, it’s a product that will help you pass your upcoming drug test.

However, the company needs to do more to ditch the products’ cap design, which makes some noise that may raise an alert when pouring your sample into the cup at the lab. They need to come up with at least a quieter cup design to make the entire Monkey Flask worth considering. Otherwise, the product will surely pass the test.

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