Stat Flush Review

In today’s world, employers across the globe have made it a habit to screen their employees for various substances such as THC. With the ever-increasing scenario that you can randomly be selected for a drug test at your workplace, putting your job at risk, it’s a no brainer to look for a solution to ensure that you’re not caught.

One of the ways that can help you flush out the toxins from your body is by using Stat Flush. The last thing you’ll want from any product that you decide to use is failing your test, knowing the consequences that await such an outcome.

What’s Stat Flush?

There’re several ways that you can use to help pass a drug test, and one of them is by using detox pills. Stat Flush is one of the detox pills that, over a long period, they claim to trigger a process of removing toxins from fat cells and then pass them out via urine.

Stat Flush is a single-use bottle that aims at flushing out all the body toxins in your system in a very short period. The product has gained popularity among medical marijuana users, but still, they can be used second-hand smokers to pass a drug test.

Interestingly, the manufacturer has included both on their website as well as in the bottle all the nutrition facts and ingredients used in making the product. Additionally, they don’t outsource the ingredients, meaning you can be assured everything is overseen directly by the company.

What Does Stat Flush Contain?

The product is mainly formulated by using natural herbs as well as vitamins chosen explicitly for the stimulating effect they contain for metabolic as well as kidney processes. The effectiveness of any product in cheating a drug test lies within its composition.

The ingredients contained in stat flush include;

  • Creatinestat flush
  • Grape skin
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Milk Thistle Seed
  • Gentian Root
  • Uva Ursi Leaf
  • Turmeric Root
  • Dandelion root

Unfortunately, these ingredients have not been indicated the exact amounts used that you can put them together at home.

How Does Stat Flush Work?

Basically, stat flush works by helping restore the natural composition of urine while facilitating the flushing of toxins out of the body. Moreover, it pushes substances into the fat cells so as they are stored there temporarily, meaning your bloodstream, as well as urine, is clean for a given period.

The blend of herbs helps to collect toxins in the fat, while B-vitamins increase the urination rate expelling others physically.

One thing you need to be aware of is that stat flush doesn’t give you a lot of time to relax after ingesting the pills. The product provides you with only 60-90 minutes of being clean for your drug test, meaning that you’ll have to produce your sample within that window.

However, the company website states that you’ll be clean for about four hours, but the most effective time to produce your sample for testing is within the 60-90 minutes to increase your chances of passing the test.

How to Use Stat Flush

The makers claim that within a day, stat flush will help filter the toxins out of the body system, and you’ll be ready. Besides, there’s no hassle when it comes to using it, either. Unlike many other kits that will require several components as well as having to worry about certain fasting frames, stat flush is merely 5 capsules, and you’re ready.

  1. First, they require that you abstain from the toxins for at least 48 hours or more
  2. Take the 5 capsules within 10 minutes of each other with about 30-40 ounces of water
  3. Ensure you urinate at 3 times to help flush out the toxins
  4. Take the test within 60-90 minutes after taking stat flush

Sometimes the amount of water taken; 30-40 ounces within 30 minutes would be a lot, but that’s how you’ll pass your test.

When you’re on short notice for a drug test, stat flush has proved to be an option to pass the test. However, given that in most cases, it improves after detoxing about 3 or more times, it makes it a bit risky to use, and therefore, you can consider other THC detox pills or Toxin Rid.