Stinger Detox – The Ultimate Review

Are you looking to get toxins out of the body system? Stinger drink could be your remedy for that upcoming drug test you’re worried about.

Getting to unwind with your friends can be the best part of the weekend, but at some point, for most folks, they have to get back to reality, which for many, is facing a drug test. One thing for sure, a drug test is indeed intimidating whether it’s applying for a new job or merely trying to get hold of your old job.

Therefore, by using detoxes such as stinger detox is the best way to pass your drug test. So, how well do you know stinger detox?

What’s Stinger Detox?

Ideally, Stinger is a detoxifying drink that’s made from all-natural ingredients. It’s made from herbs, unlike other detoxes, but it also includes controlled amounts of some other natural ingredients.

This product is usually used by individuals looking to pass either a urine or blood drug test. The product is reportedly capable of removing toxins from the blood and urine, while itself is undetected by the tests. However, it should be noted that detoxifying the body using Stinger only removes the drugs in the body temporarily.

Stinger detox comes in a range of cleansing drinks. Therefore, you can choose which among them you can use depending on your budget and need. For instance, they include;

Stinger Whole-body One-hour Cleanser

This the most popular product among the list as it cleanses the entire body under one hour, and it’s arguably the cheapest in their list. It’s made from both artificial and natural ingredients.

It requires that you drink it at least 60 minutes before the drug test is carried out. After that, you’re required to refill the bottle with water at least four times and drink it too to ensure that you pee within the next hour before the test.

At around $29, it seems like the perfect solution for last-minute individuals to easily use.

Stinger Instant Detox 5X Strength

This is another stinger detox drink that’s stronger than the one-hour cleaner, but more expensive at around $50 per bottle. Also, instead of taking one hour before the test, the product would be effective when taken about two hours before the test.

After taking the entire bottle of the drink, refill with water twice and take all of it; however, if you don’t take drugs heavily, you can opt for its regular strength version.

Stinger 7-Day Permanent Detox Liquid 5X Strength

Unlike the previous two products, the 7-day permanent detox liquid requires more time to be effective, and costs around $50. Simply, take a tablespoon before your breakfast and another before your last meal for the day, and the others, drink a lot of water in between.

Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength Liquid

This is the final product from Stinger, and it’s arguably their strongest product yet, which can permanently remove the toxins from your body.

Using it requires that you first stop using drugs and any toxins for at least 48 hours before the drug test. Then you can drink the entire bottle of Stinger 60-90 minutes before submitting the sample. Refill the bottle four times with water and then drink it all, and then make sure that you pee severally before going for the test.

It requires that you maintain a clean diet to get the best of this product for at least two days.

Stinger ingredients and What it Does

According to Stinger, the ingredients work to clean out your entire body on the cellular level, including cleaning saliva, the digestive system, sweat, the liver, the hair, and urine. The flushing occurs within one hour, and after that, you’ll be clean for at least six hours.

The peak moment for a toxin-free body is between 60-90 minutes after taking the stinger drink. The company claims to use the following;

  • L-taurinestinger detox product
  • 600 mg proprietary blend
  • D-Ribose
  • L-Lysine
  • Niacin
  • Methylsulfonylmethane

Does Stinger Detox Work?

So, it’s about time to answer the question of whether stinger detox indeed works. First, it’s better to understand that detox merely hides the toxins from being detected and not necessarily removing them from the body.

Therefore, not any of the stinger detox products will permanently remove the metabolites in your body – especially under one hour of use.

It’s easy to say that the stinger detox is easy to use and is relatively inexpensive, but will possibly work for moderate weed users. It, therefore, means that for heavy smokers, you could well look for other options to pass your upcoming drug test.

For tobacco smokers, the product could be the best you can ever use to pass the test. Besides, it features a wide range of detox products. You only need to follow the instructions provided such as avoid smoking two days before the test, drink the entire bottle 60-90 minutes before the actual test, and drink a lot of water after taking the detox drink.

How to Purchase Stinger Detox Products

The stinger detox website has an array of product list where you can access them easily. Moreover, you can still get the products on Amazon.

However, it could be confusing to note that the reviews on their website about the products have 5-star reviews, but on Amazon, the reviews are well below three stars. Perhaps, that could be a warning bell to consider your options when looking for a way to pass your test.


Surprisingly, you won’t find any information about the company on their website. Depending on your level of smoking, the stinger detox may work for you, but most folks have failed using the product. Overall, only a little is there to recommend Stinger detox as your best cleanser or your best option for passing a drug test.