Test Clear Synthetic Urine Review – Best De-hydrated Fake Pee

Maybe drug testing is undoubtedly a fundamental challenge to ones’ rights, but then what can you do? At the moment, there’s nothing much you can do once you’re faced with a drug test. However, the best way to get the results you want is by simply employing the best synthetic urine.

There’re several brands of synthetic urine products currently in the market, and Test Clear is one of the most popular brands out there.

What’s Test Clear?

Basically, Test Clear is powdered urine. In essence, that’s its primary advantage over its competitor; and doesn’t really use synthetic urine.

Given the number of fake urine products being presented into the labs, most of them have tried to raise their game and can now easily spot the difference between human urine and synthetic urine.

However, to prevent such failure, Test Clear has gone a step further to use dehydrated human urine. Moreover, the test cleat samples contain uric acid and are identical to the live samples.

Once you order the kit, you’ll get the following:test clear synthetic urine - powdered

  • A temperature strip
  • One vial of powdered urine
  • 2-air-activated heaters
  • A 50 ml plastic transport vial

How to Use the Kit

Passing a drug test using fake means requires some good practice first before the main test day. Therefore, you’ll have to perform some practice with the kit prior to your test day to ensure that you get away from the errors.

Test Clear is easy to use as the company sends you everything that you need. So, all you need to do is first to mix the product with water and then place the heater on the other side of the temperature strip.

Ensure that you monitor the temperature strip as it’s what will pass or fail you. Because, if the labs realize that the temperature is not as the one required, it will raise a red flag and you will have failed your Test.

Now all you need is lukewarm water and then a lot of patience. Ensure that you carry your sample as close as possible to the body to maintain its warmth. Also, you should not cover the temperature strip with the heating pad to ensure that it doesn’t show inaccurate readings.

Does the Test Clear Powdered Urine Work?

Test Clear is designed to help folks who might otherwise fail an upcoming drug test. The level to which the Test clear will work for you depends on how well you prepare it. For instance, you should ensure that you store it in a fridge until the day of using it.

The urine is okay for 12 months before using it, and only three days after. You should prepare your sample 45-60 minutes before the actual day to ensure that you get the temperature readings correct.

Test clear has got mixed experiences and opinions, but as long as you follow the instructions of the manufacturer, it should work. There’s not a better way to recommend as it works in most cases; however, still, things may go wrong.

Different factors come into play as to whether it will work or not, such as faulty product, user error, and expiration date. Therefore, if Test Clear is your only option to save your dream job, then yes, you should go ahead and purchase it and follow the instructions correctly. (Check our buying guide for the best at home drug test kits)

Things to Note about Test Clear

Test Clear can be re-utilized as long as it’s kept and stored in a cool place. Also, reheating it several times may cause a slight change in the chemical composition, which won’t be good news for your lab results.

The powdered urine can go wrong; hence essential that you always check the use-by date before you decide to purchase the package. Usually, the date is 2-3 years into the future.

Also, Test Clear should not be bought in the stores as the only rightful place to purchase is the available maker’s online store. You may find some other online retailers selling it at a discount, but you need to be careful not to fall victim to the wrong product.

The Bottom Line

Basically, Test Clear powdered urine kit is merely real human urine that has been freeze-dried. Therefore, you’re simply reconstituting real urine, meaning that this is the closest thing you’ll get to when submitting an actual sample.

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