The Whizzinator Review – Does It Work?

So, you have a drug test around the corner, and you want to pass it even though a few days ago, you took a puff? Maybe you’re tired of the old tricks of taping a bag into your pants, or you want to be caught pouring fake piss out of a tube into the collecting cup.

Worry no more as the solution is right here with you – the Whizzinator.

What’s a Whizzinator?the whizzinator synthetic urine kit

The Whizzinator is merely a synthetic penis that is designed for supervised drug tests, hilarious, right? As much as it’s freaking amusing, in all seriousness, the Whizzinator will save your dream job.

The product is made to look like the “real thing” so that those folks at the testing facility won’t question it. Perhaps, it’s an excellent option for men. The Whizzinator contains fake urine and is connected to a bag that stores the urine once it’s prepared for use. Moreover, everything is connected to your body, thanks to an included elastic belt.

Furthermore, it comes in an array of colors: brown, black, Latino, Tan, and white, to basically represent all individuals from different skin types. Besides, it comes with four heating pads, 1synthetic urine vile, one syringe, and clear to read instructions.

How to use the Whizzinator

The Whizzinator may not be up to the task if you won’t be able to use it as it’s supposed. Perhaps, you need to do a bit of practice before getting to the real thing during the main drug test day. So, here’s what you have to do:

  1. After getting all the items, use the syringe, and measure about 60-90ml water at room temperature in a different plastic cup.
  2. Now mix the dehydrated synthetic urine with water that you already poured in your cup. Swirl for a few seconds to mix the water and urine thoroughly.
  3. Ensure that you don’t overheat the mixture not to shoot the temperature strip on the reservoir to 100+ degrees. Ideally, keep the sample temperature between 90-100 degrees.
  4. Then now is time for filling your Whizzinator. Use the syringe to fill the reservoir bag of the Whizzinator with the sample you just created. Fill only to a maximum of 130ml to avoid bursting or leakage of the reservoir bag.
  5. Use the heat pad to keep your sample warm. It’s a vital step since labs test for the right temperature first. The heat pad keeps your sample heated for about 8 hours.
  6. Now attach the device on your waist with the help of the straps. Press the temperature strip against your body to help maintain the temperature
  7. Ensure to check the temperature strip before the test begins; if the temperature is wrong, your test will be wrong.
  8. When it’s time, dispense the urine into a cup using the Whizzinator’s shaft. To prevent leakage, squeeze below the tip while opening the clip valve.
  9. Touch gently to control the flow, fill the cup, and submit your sample.

Does the Whizzinator Work?

As much as the Whizzinator is an excellent option for men, does it work? Most users have said that the product tends to leak after being used. Moreover, the heating element is not one of the best, which may risk the outcome of your test.

But the fact that there’re options for women of the Whizzinator makes it an excellent product for both men and women. Therefore, we can still recommend the Whizzinator, and since it’s more expensive, a lot could be expected of the product. Besides, there’re cheaper options which could be even more effective than the Whizzinator.

The Whizzinator can as well be used as a sex toy during the fetish plays or even as a hilarious prank on friends and family. The Whizzinator can be bought on a lot of sites that include online marketplaces such as Amazon; however, even with those sites having affordable prices, you really don’t have to risk your job for a few bucks. Always ensure that you buy directly from the manufacturer to avoid such risks.

          Although Whizzinator is a nice product, we recommend Quick Luck because it has 99.9% success rate.


The Whizzinator has been there for a long time now, and on its urine formula as well as the lifelike penis prosthetics alone, it’s indeed a real winner. However, there are some design flaws, as well as the expensive price tags that one has to think about. Moreover, if your priority is to beat a drug test, then you better look further.

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