Ultimate Gold Review – A Fetish Pee

Do you have a severe problem that requires an urgent solution? Maybe you don’t have enough time to detox before getting into that testing facility for your company’s drug test schedule. Worry no more as the Ultimate Gold detox is the one you need.

In today’s world, the drug testing phenomenon is out of control, and surprisingly, a lot of honest, sober-minded folks are being caught in this anti-drug hysteria. But you don’t have to lose your job because of your personal life out of the working hours. You only need the ultimate gold detox.

What’s Ultimate Gold?

The ultimate gold isn’t a detox drink, but a wannabe-pee brand that, for several years, has been doing the rounds in the market, and for a good reason. The current ultimate gold detox kit is as a result of the old fetish product that was years ago sold in the sex shops.

ultimate gold detoxHowever, with the rise of drug texts, desperate folks had to look at the product hoping that it would save their jobs. But its primary purpose was not for drug testing. With time, the makers started realizing that their UG product was being used by the weed aficionados to pass their tests, and hence their marketing strategy slowly started to shift. Although they don’t directly state that it can help you pass a drug test, they imply it does, however, the pack is heavy on fetish use instructions.

What’s in the Ultimate Gold?

The ultimate gold began life as a fetish product for the golden shower crowd. For that reason, the FDA doesn’t consider it anything outside the fetish item, and hence, no disclosure rules in play concerning the ingredients. Therefore, it can be claimed that the item is like “real pee” or something else, and still get away from any regulatory trouble.

It requires a laboratory as well as a degree in chemistry to indeed determine what exactly comprises this yellow water product, apart from water and the yellow dye.

However, now that the product is used for drug tests, the makers claim that it contains all the characteristics similar to real urine. As much as the ultimate gold will get you “pass” the test, it’s not and never was the product to save your job. However, under a sophisticated testing regime, the product will surely wither.

Does it Work?

The question of whether a particular product works is what several folks ask before considering purchasing. Therefore, a similar case applies to the UG pack, whether it does indeed work.

The ultimate gold isn’t and never was a scientifically formulated urine substitute for passing the current sophisticated testing machines. The product does come with a belt as well as heat pads, but at the center of the kit (the fake pee itself) is the old yellow water. Therefore, it won’t be said that it’s entirely safe to get you a pass in your drug test.

Nevertheless, the product is not such popular as most of the other synthetic urine products that are more assured to help you pass your test.

When to Get the Product

Unlike other synthetic urine kits that cost about $50+, the UG can merely be obtained with 20 bucks online. You can spend your 20 dollars on Amazon to acquire the product. Besides, the fact that the UG producers don’t have their website should raise the alarm about their product.

However, at the end of the day, it’s all down to what you indeed want, whether it’s saving a few bucks or passing your drug test.

Things you should Know


ultimate gold nutrition factsThe ultimate gold can be reused when you don’t require the entire sample at your test facility. However, you need to store the open bottle in a cool place and avoid heating it several times. Besides, the temperature strip attached to the bottle helps in getting the right temperature at 98 degrees. Also, ensure that you check the use-by date before using the ultimate gold. The product does smell funky, which is a good sign as that’s the smell of real urine. The main substances comprised of Ultimate gold are urea and uric acid.


Unless you solely intend to use it in livening up your fetish life, it would be risky using it to pass your urine test. Therefore, the bottom line is that the ultimate urine detox should not be your priority product when looking to pass a drug test. (If you want to pass a marijuana drug test, it is advisable to use either Quick Fix 6.2 or Clear Choice Sub Solution).

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