Ultra Eliminex Drink Review

So, you have an upcoming drug test, and you’re looking for the best detox drink?

Sometimes knowing that you’ll have a drug test at some time helps to prepare well and maybe avoid for several weeks the use of drugs. But, what if you know about the test only a few days before it happens?

That doesn’t have to cause panic because that’s where detox products like the Ultra Eliminex come into the equation. For most individuals who have used the product, it has proven to be effective and arguably one of the most used detox drinks on the market.

What’s Ultra Eliminex?

Herbal Clean – the company behind Ultra Eliminex, has made its name in producing several detox drinks, but Ultra Eliminex has proved to be perhaps one on top of their list.

herbal ultra eliminex detox drinkUltra Eliminex is a detox drink that’s meant to detox your body temporarily to help you pass a drug test. It flushes out the bladder as well as the urinary tract to ensure that there’re no drug toxins in the urine that may be detected when you submit your sample. One thing to note is that it merely flushes toxins from your urine only for a few hours meaning the product is only used and active for a specified period. After that period, toxins will again start getting into your urine.

Ultra Eliminex is said to be the most powerful among the detox drinks in the market to the point that it claims the following:

“Elite solution for people with high toxin levels or large body mass.”

Therefore, it means that the product has the capacity of masking toxins 100% in that heaviest person making the most weed.

Ultra Eliminex Ingredients

The Ultra Eliminex product has several minerals as well as vitamins blended to help the kidneys eliminate the drugs from the body. However, the biggest question should be whether the ingredients used are indeed powerful.

For instance, the ingredients used include such as Zinc 10 mg, Carbs 75g, vitamin B6 30 mg, Riboflavin 25 mg, Niacin 10 mg, calcium 528 mg, manganese 1 mg, vitamin D3 225 IU, sodium 180 MG, among many others.

The point is that there are no ingredients that are unknown in the Ultra Eliminex drink. However, it’s not FDA approved and hence not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with kidney and liver disease.

Importantly, all the ingredients involved in this product are all linked to ensure that they speed up body processes as well as urination. Also, they have been linked to helping cleanse the body of the toxins. Therefore, in terms of the ingredients, it seems that the company is spot-on.

How Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

In simple terms, like most detox drinks, you need to drink the ultra Eliminex within a few hours and wait to pass your test. However, a lot happens in between that you need to understand.

First, some of the ingredients in a detox drink help to flush out toxins via the bladder, kidneys as well as the urinary tract. It means that what is left to come out as urine is free of drug toxins. The process only lasts a few hours as new toxins will be generated and will appear in the urine. Therefore, the detox drink only offers you a short window of use.

Also, the detox drink overloads the urine with several nutrients as well as other things such as various vitamins and creatine that are found in natural human urine.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

Your success in passing the drug test using the ultra Eliminex depends entirely on how well you follow the instructions; otherwise, your chances of failure are also inevitable.

First, you need to do a natural detox, which involves cutting drug toxins for at least days (48 hours) before the actual drug test. It merely means that you need to stop using drugs as the longer you refrain from using the drug, the easier it gets to mask toxins in the urine.
Secondly, two hours before the drug test, take the bottle of Ultra Eliminex and shake well then drink it all over about 30-60 minutes.

After that, you don’t have to drink any water, but ensure that you urinate as many times as possible over the next hour (at least three times). After all, if done correctly, you’ll be free of toxins for about five hours, but you should submit your sample within the first 1-2 hours to be sure.

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

checklist - yes - noLike most products for cheating a drug test, the million-dollar question has to be – does the Ultra Eliminex work? Well, at a glance, the Ultra Eliminex is a smokers’ dream to use in passing a drug test. Provided that you follow the instructions correctly, the Ultra Eliminex is also certain that it will help you pass your test.

Besides, it’s clear that it’s the most powerful drink for detoxing, and even more, it’s designed for heavy smokers as well as people with large body mass, meaning it’s quite one product worth using. Moreover, the company provides a money-back guarantee, which shows that you’ve got the manufacturers’ confidence about the product.

Where to purchase the Ultra Eliminex

At around $80, the ultra Eliminex doesn’t come cheap, but given the fact that you’ll be almost assured of passing your drug test, it’s worth the money – after all, it’s your dream job probably in the balance.

It’s recommended that you purchase the product only from a reputable online store to avoid chances of getting a faked product. You can opt for a company that offers a 100% money-back guarantee to take all your risk of the purchase out of the window.


At some point, everybody is meant to cheat a drug test, and if you must do a drug test a few days away, then the Ultra Eliminex has to be on top of your list. All you need to do is to follow the instructions to the dot, and you may find yourself smiling after your test.