Ultra Pure Urine Review

A sudden upcoming drug test is one of the few more nerve-wracking things. Fortunately, you’ve got several options to pass your urine drug test. You can decide to detox naturally; however, that process requires a lot of time and is forewarning.

Furthermore, there are options for detox shampoos, drinks, or even detox pills; unfortunately, they may not be 100% reliable.

Another option is to dodge the drug test entirely using fake pee. That sounds ridiculous, right? But they say if it’s stupid but still works, then it’s not stupid. There’re a lot of synthetic urine brands in the market, but let’s have a look at the Ultra-pure.

So, what’s Ultra-Pure (Klean)?

Manufactured by the Ultra Klean, the Ultra-pure synthetic pee is an artificial product that has been around for over 20 years with a patented formula that mimics all-natural human urine. The ultra-pure urine also has a 3-year shelf life, and you can use it for both sexes.
The product contains creatinine to ensure that your fake urine matches exactly chemically with the natural urine. It also contains uric acid, and also comes with a bottle of Ultra-Pure, a rubber band, a hand warmer, flip-top cap as well as clear instructions for use.

How to Use Ultra-Pure Pee

First, open the Ultra-pure and then put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The main reason is to set the temperatures right, which is crucial to you passing the test. Ensure that the temperature gets to between 94 to 96F.

ultra pure urineGetting the wrong temperature will be grave-danger; it must not be below or above the required temperature. Now, cover the sample and shake to ensure everything is distributed evenly. Next, attach the heat warmer to the cup with the sample in it. The next step is to keep it warm and safe as you head to the testing facility. It can be kept under the clothes to keep it warm.

Before handing it over to the right authority, ensure that your sample has the right temperature, and the temperature strip should read between 94-96F. If the temperature is correct, shake it slightly.

Can You Reheat It?

The primary reason why most urine drug tests fail is the fact that most fail to keep the right temperature of the sample to look like real pee.

So, it’s possible to reheat your Ultra-Pure. However, you should be very careful not to raise the temperature above what is required.

High temperatures may cause a change in the chemical structure as well as an increase in water evaporation. The overall outcome will be an alteration in the concentration of the ingredients, which the modern labs will easily detect.


You can’t store the Ultra Klean in harsh conditions, especially high temperatures or even direct sunlight. High temperatures result in the breakdown of the chemicals as well as the evaporation of water.


If you can store the Ultra-Pure properly in a cool place, then you can use it again after the first test if you don’t use the full sample. The product can as well be kept in a refrigerator; besides, it’s the best method to keep it.

What’s Included

The product includes a bottle with two ounces of synthetic urine, a rubber band, a heating pack, and a temperature strip for an accurate reading.

The Ultra-Pure has a disgusting smell, which is apparently an excellent thing that mimics the scent of natural pee. Besides, you can’t buy the Ultra-Pure in the stores apart from the maker’s online market.

Does Ultra-Pure Really Work?

With a plethora of synthetic urine brands available, the question that everyone will have to ask is whether the Ultra-Pure really works.

The product has been around for over two decades now, but still, it gets some mixed reviews, which can be a big deal for most folks.

However, the product is not as expensive as you can get it with only about $24.99 per 2 oz bottle. The better side of the product is the fact that it contains both urea and uric acid, which will surely ensure that you pass the drug test. You don’t have to worry about your short notice for a drug test, as you have your back covered.

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