UPass Synthetic Urine Review

While the corporate world desires that employees remain 100% free from any drug intoxication, this idea remains farfetched. A good way they try to snoop out any drug users is through urine tests which are becoming ever more intrusive.

Those that are not “so clean” may stand a chance at fighting these intrusive urine tests through synthetic urine. Synthetic urine, also known as fake pee is a better and more effective alternative which employees who are marijuana users can use to pass a random urine test. One synthetic urine brand that is highly recommended is the UPass synthetic urine.

UPass Synthetic Urine Kit

What is it really, and how much does it cost? For several years, UPass synthetic urine has been in use on the market. On various blogs, you can come across a handful of UPass urine reviews that are both positive and negative. To new synthetic urine users, these reviews can be a good buyer’s guide.

However, we really don’t advise that they believe everything written there since user experience can vary from one person to another. Again on negative reviews, one can only wonder if the fake pee was used and applied the right way.

For most of the many years that UPass has been on the market, this product has been updated regularly. The latest version on the market is the UPass 8.4; any version other than this could be a fake version or an outdated one for that matter.

Compared to other synthetic urine brands, UPass is quite cheap, and you can get it from various authorized retail shops for as low as $24.95. For this $25 UPass buyers get a kit complete with:upass synthetic urine

  • 3 oz bottle of UPass premixed synthetic urine
  • A reading temperature strip
  • A hand warmer or heat pad
  • Rubber band
  • Leaflet with user instructions

What are the Components in UPass Synthetic Urine?

Knowing the components of the product that may help you pass a urine test and save your job together with your reputation is something very crucial. Again, with the many updated versions of UPass, the components in its current version can help clear the air for both new users as well as the old ones.

UPass synthetic urine contains much of what is found in fresh human pee. Its main components are urea, creatinine, uric acid, and sodium chloride. All these components have been mixed to achieve the correct PH and specific gravity common of human urine. UPass Synthetic urine maintains a yellowish appearance, and it also smells a lot like fresh human pee.

Can UPass Fake Pee Really Help You Pass a Urine Test?

The answer here would be yes. The formulation in UPass is quite similar to that used in other synthetic brands, and again, it’s readily and cheaply available. An issue of concern would be the use of biocides as a chemical preservative in various synthetic urine brands. Low-end urine tests can not detect these chemical preservatives.

However, in the more developed and modern urine tests such as lab corp these chemicals are easily detected. On the ingredient column, UPass manufacturers do not really mention if they use biocides. We can’t count our chances here. Due to this uncertainty, we strongly advise against using UPass as a urine alternative for more developed urine tests.

How Can One Use UPass Fake Pee?

From the user instructions stated on the leaflet, first-time UPass synthetic urine kit users can get some advice on how to properly use this fake pee and higher their chances at getting negative urine test results. The first thing to do while preparing your UPass synthetic urine sample is to microwave it.

The properly concealed 3 oz bottle is a good vessel, but if you have an alternative, you can always pour it in and heat the liquid. The desired temperatures should be around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, once you are sure that the sample has attained this desired temperature range take it out and use your temperate reading strip to affirm this.

What comes after is to ensure that you store it in a way that maintains it at these temperatures until your turn comes to take the urine test. The handwarmer available in the kit can help maintain these temperatures. Place the heated 3 oz UPass synthetic urine bottle on the hand warmer. Hold the two together using the rubber band also available in the kit.

Carry your sample in a discreet place that allows you to sneak it in while taking the urine test carefully. After entering the harvesting room, open your bottle of synthetic pee. Pour it into whatever is provided for fresh urine harvesting by the proctors.

Supposed you are not first in line to take the test and you are afraid the pee sample may get cold? You must know that a urine sample that’s given at room temperatures or below is a total sell-out and a big test fail.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your bottled sample remains warm. Some piece of advice is, you can carry it close to your warmest part of the body.


Given the many synthetic urine alternatives available on the market, UPass is one brand formulated to save the day any day. The kit also gives its users an easy time while preparing the fake urine sample. If you are after a cheap alternative, this product comes highly recommended.

However, if you want a product with a 99.9% approval rate, then try Quick Fix Plus.

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