Urine The Clear Review – 5 Facts to Know

Back then, you could use whatever the drug you wanted whenever you wanted. Back in the day, you could party all night without a single threat of unemployment ringing over your head.

Now, things have changed, and almost every company is aware of the drug use among employees, and hence have drug screening as well as random drug tests. However, there’s a way to help you pass the random drug tests – and who better to solve your problem than Urine the clear?

What’s Urine the Clear?

Urine the clear is merely a product that has been designed to cheat drug tests, and its main feature is explicitly the fact that it’s composed of pure unadulterated human Urine.

Surprised? You read it right; you’re simply purchasing someone else’s Urine.

Apparently, it’s a good thing. Urine the clear is merely produced from male human donors who are paid for the service and whose Urine is certified as entirely drug-free. It’s more like asking a friend for a pee or a stranger except that here you pay for you are guaranteed of passing the test.

The product comes in both dehydrated and frozen kits. The frozen kits can be kept in the freezer for up to a year, while the dehydrated kits at room temperature can last up to a year as well.

How to Prepare and Use Urine the Clear

This is the point that most folks go wrong and end up failing in the drug test. However, with Urine The Clear, you don’t have to be a qualified lab technician to get it ready. Moreover, you don’t need high-tech equipment in the process.

First, you should ensure that you check the instructions. Sometimes new kit versions come with some extra steps. Therefore, you must start by going through the instructions to avoid some silly mistakes that will cost you a dream job.

Then get into the kit where you’ll find some sterile water as well as a syringe. The point here is to mix the sample; therefore, use the syringe and add the concentrated piss into sterile water then shake until it froths up a bit. You’ll observe a tell-tale yellow color just like real pee.

Next is to heat the sample to the required temperature range. Use the included heating element and then attach it to the pouch that is opposite the temperature strip. Ensure that within about an hour, the temperature reading is between 90-100 degrees.

Next, you need to securely strap on the pouch, which should obviously be under your clothes but should not look bulky. Besides, it has to be comfortable to avoid looking suspicious.

Once the cup is in one hand, carefully open the pouch’s valve and ensure it doesn’t spill all over. Get a sample ready to submit.

So Does Urine the Clear Work?

The answer to that is both a yes and no. As much as the answer is frustrating, in reality, it’s the honest answer you can get when talking about Urine the clear. First, if you surely get everything right from the temperature, the hiding, and all those procedures of preparation, Urine the clear will surely help you pass the drug test.

The fact that Urine the clear is formed from real pee, which has undergone mass spectrometry urinalysis, makes it the most precise product.

However, for women looking to get past an upcoming drug test, Urine the clear won’t be an alternative given that it’s made from male pee.

Things to Note about Urine the Clear

With Urine the clear, you’ll surely get what you’re paying for, and at about $59- for a single-use and $99 for the full kit, the product is well under reach. Ensure that purchase only from select online retailers as well as from the maker’s online store. You don’t have to roll the dice to save maybe $30 and put your job at risk.

It’s also possible to reprocess Urine the clear, but you must ensure that you don’t reheat it too much as that will change the chemical concentration and hence fail your test.


Urine the clear contains everything that you need during your drug test. When all the instructions are followed, it has a success rate of over 99%. Therefore, it’s an excellent option to choose, but still, you can opt for a cheaper option with a similar success rate.

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