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Walgreens Synthetic Urine – Does it Sell Fake Pee?

You are probably looking for synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Your first thought might be to check Walgreens. That is because Walgreens is one of the largest online stores where you can buy health supplements, drugs, and medications.

Does Walgreens sell synthetic urine? Well, it does not. Why will Walgreens help you cheat your urine drug test? As you know, synthetic urine is a fake piss kit that is available in either powder form or pre-formulated solution. Walgreens does not want to deal with fake things, leave alone fake urine kits for a drug test.

Maybe you are thinking of getting real human urine for drug testing. Do NOT try this. Your friend might be an angel to your eyes, just like you are to your boss!

Walgreens is a Pharmaceutical Company (Not a Local Head Shop)

You had that right; Walgreens is a trusted pharmaceutical company that operates online. It is dedicated to offering some of the top medications. It is trusted by various medical organizations, universities, and governments to supply a range of health and medical-related products.

Thus, you cannot expect to get Walgreens synthetic urine online because the company will be encouraging people to substitute their piss with a fake one to pass drug tests. As a result, even their drug tests will turn negative.

I believe Walgreens synthetic urine is used in the laboratory for the calibration of drug test kits. Selling it to people will be difficult to monitor how the urine is used. Remember that Walgreens sells detox kits that can help you flush out the drug metabolites in the system.

Where to Get Walgreens Synthetic Urine?

Contrary to what many people believe, synthetic urine is not only used to pass drug tests, but it has other tasks. For instance, it can be used in mattress manufacture, where it tests for the quality of the mattress. Also, it is used in testing baby pants. Other uses include the calibration of medical tools and test kits.

If you need synthetic urine that has a similar quality to Walgreens synthetic urine, you should get these brands:

Quick Fix – (Most Economical Option)
Clear Choice Sub Solution – (Most Realistic Synthetic Urine)
The Urinator – (Alternative Synthetic Urine Kit)
Urine Luck – (Top Fake Urine)
Test Clear – (Best Fake Pee Kit)

Quick Fix

Will Quick Fix Pass Drug Test?

Yes. Quick Fix 6.3 has a guarantee of 99.9%. Ideally, it can help you pass any particular drug test. You do not want to risk your job; you can get the product on the Official Website.

What is the Cost of Quick Fix 6.3?

Ideally, you should get Quick Fix 6.3, which is available in 3 oz. bottle. Since it is already formulated, you have nothing to worry about. The product goes for less than $40. Thus, we consider Quick Fix 6.3 as the most economical drug test. Also, with overnight shipping available, you can get this fake pee kit before the day of the drug test.

N/B: It is advisable to get at least 3 bottles and keep them in your office or car. You never know when a drug test looms.

Read our detailed Quick Fix Plus Review.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

Will Clear Choice Sub Solution Pass a Drug Test?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is also Walgreens-rated synthetic urine. Clear Choice is a well-known brand when it comes to fake urine kits. This brand has been around for quite long (the company has been operating since early 2000). The brand is reliable, and you can use it to pass your drug test.

How Much Does Clear Choice Sub Solution Cost?

As with ongoing research, the company has released Quick Luck, which is an upgrade of Clear Choice. This fake kit is still cheaper. Going for around $80, you can use it for alternative drug tests and even pranks. The good thing about this product is that it qualifies for free shipping, so you can get it cheaply.

Test Clear Fake Pee

Will Test Clear Pass a Drug Test?

Test Clear is a large company that is involved in making drug test products. Other than Walgreens synthetic urine, you can also get Detox Drinks, Detox Shampoos, and Saliva Kits. You can also get at-home drug test kits.
Why get Test Clear? To understand this product well, there is a need to consider some of its claims: First, it is dehydrated urine. Secondly, it has never failed a drug test.

These claims will tempt you to get this product. Well, get it and pass your drug test. When you receive your kit, you should check whether it contains the following:

  • Vial of powdered urine
  • Transport vial
  • Temperature strip
  • Air-activated heaters

Before using this product, make sure you have distilled water.

What Does Test Clear Synthetic Urine Cost?

Test Clear fake pee kit costs less than $50. Although the product goes for a low price, it has an excellent reputation. Make sure you get this kit from the Official Website to avoid cheap products sold online.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Does Quick Luck Past a Drug Test?

Quick Luck is a relatively new product. Since it is produced by a reliable brand, it also gets the tag of Walgreens synthetic urine. Being a new product, it has been improved to seal the loopholes of the predecessor products. You only need to ensure you use the product as required.

How to Use Quick Luck

Get the vial, heat your urine, and present it for a test. The thing I like about this Walgreens synthetic urine grade is its amazing success rate. Remember, it is biocide-free. This means you can present it even for advanced drug tests.

How Much Does Quick Luck Cost?

Well, for a product of this caliber, you can expect it to be a little pricey. You are not wrong; the product goes for $99. You should be assured, with this fake pee, you do not need Walgreens urine.

Quick luck pee recommended